Meet Schedule

Our meet schedule is put together to offer opportunities for all of our swimmers.  You do not need to attend every meet but are encouraged to show your team spirit by attending several meets throughout the season. 

Your kids will put their skills to the test at swim meets and the coaches are working hard to teach your swimmer about competitive swimming.  By not attending the meets, you are missing out on a big part of the learning experience.  Besides, no one just goes to soccer practice and then never goes to the game!

How Do I Sign Up for a Meet?

When meet information becomes available, it will be posted in the events section of our website.  You will login to your account and declare your intent to swim.  Please make sure to read the meet information before signing up because some meets only have certain age-groups, there are qualifying times or entry fees are associated with the meet.  If you aren't sure, just contact your swimmer's coach. 

All meets have entry deadlines.  Deadlines are set so coaches have time to work on the entries  and so we can submit them to the host club by their own deadline.  Many of the invitationals we attend fill up quickly so we have to send in our entries right away.  If you miss the deadline and we have already sent the entries, we will not be able to include them in the meet.  If you catch us before we send the entries, we will try to get them in the meet.  We want kids to swim but we also have deadlines to abide by.

Coaches will choose all events for swimmers.  Coaches work with the swimmers everyday so they know what they are capable of and coaches also know when to have a swimmer try a new event.  We work hard to make sure swimmers are ready for their events.  There will be a place for you to put comments.

Spring/Summer 2021 Meet Schedule:

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