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Time Standards
Time standards are used for qualification and scoring purposes.  Swimmers can achieve a qualifying time at just about all of our meets.  Sometimes time standards are used to put swimmers into categories (A/B/C) for scoring.  Our meet in December is an ABC meet and A swimmers are scored against A swimmers, B swimmers against B swimmers, etc.  That way everyone has a chance at earning awards.  It can seem overwhelming at first but with a little practice, you will start to understand the different standards.  If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact your swimmer's coach.

The Waves belong to West Michigan Swim League (WMSL) and USA Swimming.  Each organization has it own set of time standards.

West Michigan Swim League (WMSL)
WMSL is comprised of 15-20 teams from the West Michigan Area.  Some teams include Rockford, Holland, Jenison, Kentwood and Hamilton.  During each season, dual or tri meets are set up with these teams.  During the winter, the meets are typically on Saturdays and last from 2.5-3.5 hours.  Score is kept and all swimmers can participate.  However, during the winter only 14&Unders compete at WSML because of high school swimming.  In the summer, high school swimmers can participate.  There are no entry fees associated with these meets. 

WMSL Qualifying Times
At the end of the season (Winter - February; Summer - July), two championship meets are conducted; An A meet and a B meet.  The A meet is for 12&Unders who have achieved a WMSL A time.  12&Unders who have not met an "A" time are eligible for the B meet.  There are no qualifying times for 13&Overs.  All swimmers must have competed in at least one WMSL meet.  Any swimmer who has an A time, must compete at the A meet even if it is only in one event.  We are allowed to add a bonus swim and will do so for swimmers with only one A time. 

USA Swimming
The Waves are also a member of USA swimming.  All Waves swimmers are registered with USA Swimming and are a part of Michigan Swimming.  We attend and host USA meets throughout the year.  These meets are best summed up as a large invitational.  Some meets will have qualifying times and may be limited to certain ages.  Please make sure to read the meet information before signing-up.  Entry fees are associated with these meets and parents are responsible for any cost (Team pays for relays).

Just like WMSL, USA Swimming also conducts championship meets at the end of the season.  During the Winter, championship meets start in late February and usually conclude by the end of March.  In the summertime, championship meets are usually in late July and early August.  As we move through the calendar, meet qualifying times get progressively faster.  This provides stepping stones for swimmers to move up in levels. 

Below is a list of meets starting with the first level:



 Information about meet



ABC Long Course

 Most of the meets we attend are this type.  Swimmers are awarded based on seed times.



 First level of championship meet.  Slower than times.  Swimmers who exceed the standard are not eligible for that event at Districts.  Held in late February.

 Jr Olympics     

 Jr Olympics

 Faster than Districts but slower than State.  Swimmers with State times are not eligible for those events at Jr Olympics. 



13-14 and Open

 Held in March and July.  Swimmers can qualify with a yard or meter time.  This is the one most kids are striving for.  State meet in summer is in a 50-meter pool.  Swimmers can qualify with a yard or long course time. 


14&Under Zones

 Held in summer in early August.  Meet is conducted in a 50-meter pool. 


 Sectionals Spring
Sectionals Summer

 Held in the spring and summer.  Open to all ages who meet qualifying times.

 NCSA Jrs    An 18&Under meet for swimmers with qualifying times.  Meets held in March (usually Orlando) and August (usually IUPUI in Indianapolis).
Futures Futures  A Senior level meet held in the summer.  The level of this meet is in between Sectionals and Jrs. Open to all ages with qualifying times.

 Jr Nationals     

 Jr Nationals SCY
Jr Nationals LCM

 Held in early December (yards) and in early August (meters).  18&Unders only and is held throughout the country.

 Sr Nationals

 Sr Nationals

 High level meet for Senior swimmers.   Held throughout the country.

 Olympic Trials

 Olympic Trials

 The fastest meet in the world outside the Olympics.  50 meter pool.