The Flint Falcons are proud to offer a top-notch youth program for a reasonable price. Flint Falcons and the YMCA of Greater Flint are non-profit organizations. Here is a list of fees/expenses you should expect:



  • Registration Fee
    • A registration fee is of $75 is charged in fall for short course season to cover t-shirts, caps, and several social events through the season. Additional caps are available at any time of the year for $10.
  • YMCA Membership
    • Paid for each season and included in total fees (Sept-March for short course season; April/May for spring; June/July for summer). If your family has a family membership, special pricing or is interested in a family membership, please contact us so your account can be properly credited. 
  • Training Fees
    • Training fees are based on practice hours for each training group. The fees for high school boys and girls who swim for their high school are reduced for time spent with their school swim teams.



  • Equipment and Apparel
    • There is a list of equipment required for each training group on our website.
    • 12 and Under swimmers are expected to wear a Flint Falcons team suit at meets. All other apparel is optional.
    • Tech suits are never required but are often worn at championship meets, especially by swimmers 13 and over. 12 and under tech suits must conform to guidelines set by USA Swimming. 
  • USA Swimming Membership
    • Paid individually directly to USA Swimming, separate from Flint Falcons (new as of fall 2022). See our link on the website for information on how to register.
    • Optional if swimmers are only swimming YMCA meets.
    • Recommended for all swimmers 11 and over during the fall season (Sept – Mar)
    • All swimmers participating in spring or summer meets must have a USA Swimming Membership. There are no YMCA meets in spring/summer.



  • Meet Fees​
    • Meet fees are only charged for meets that swimmers commit to attending.
    • Meet fees charged by host are non-refundable after entries are sent.
    • Some hosts also charge a facility fee ($1-$10, typically)
    • Charged per event by the hosting team ($4-$8 per event, typically)
  • Training Fees for meets past YMCA State
    • Fees for swimmers who advance past Y State in March are prorated based on training hours
  • Coaches fees for meets attended by few swimmers and/or travel meets
    • Some meets we attend that require extensive travel and/or are only attended by a small number of Falcon swimmers may have a coaches’ fee assessed. This will be clearly noted in meet information. Our spring/summer meets will have coaches fees based on the number of swimmers attending.



  • Concession/Hospitality donations for Falcon hosted meets are optional but appreciated.
  • Occasional social events may have additional fees.
  • To offset expenses not covered by training fees, Flint Falcons also hosts meets in November, January, and February. Parent participation in running Falcon meets is vital to their success.
  • Fundraising
    • Fundraising was re-launched in 2022, and will be re-evaluated for the 2023/24 season. There is no fundraising requirement for spring/summer.


Please contact the YMCA if you are interested in applying for income-based financial assistance.




Spring and Summer 2023 Training Fees including YMCA Membership:

Spring: April 17 - May 26

Spring HS------$280.00

Spring MS------$185.00

Spring 9/10-----$145.00

Spring 8U-------$115.00


Summer: May 30 - July 30

Summer 13 and Over with SVSU------$475.00

Summer 12 and Under with SVSU-----$400.00

Summer 13 and Over without SVSU---$375.00

Summer 12 and Under without SVSU--$300.00