Gators Mask Drive

Hi Gator Family!

The Gators may be out of the pool, but we can still work together to make a difference during this crisis. During the month of April, we are having a “Mask Drive.” We are partnering with an organization called “Covid Mask Crafters” to sew masks for essential workers that desperately need them for protection from COVID-19. Covid Mask Crafters originated in Metro Detroit two weeks ago and people have already sewn over 15,000 masks within the USA for the cause!

As many of you have heard, the Detroit Police Department has been hit very hard by the virus. Over a third of the force is in quarantine and multiple officers have died. DPD has requested 1,300 masks to protect their officers who are protecting us! Covid Mask Crafters have asked us if we will help meet their need. The officers will be able to put filters in the masks we are making and will be able to wash them and reuse them until they wear out!

In the tabs below are instructions and "how to" videos to make the masks. We have been made about 100 masks this past week at the Grice house. If you do not have a sewing machine or all the necessary supplies to complete the mask yourself, you can work together with friends or family and break up the tasks. Please remember to wash anything you have/get in HOT water and dry on HOT setting to sanitize it and shrink the material. There is also an event created on the Gators Facebook page for the mask drive. On the Facebook page you will be able to donate materials or share making the masks with teammates. We will be creating different “polls”/posts on the Facebook event, each with a different purpose. Please comment on a post you have the materials completed or to donate so that they can get into the hands of someone who can assemble the mask. We will be using this method to donate and coordinate pickup. People that we have been working with have been leaving things on their porch for pickup.

Coolers will be placed in front of Coach Fo’s and Colleen Jogan’s home. Please place completed masks in a sealed bag to place in the cooler. Please let us know (on facebook/messager or email) when you done with masks and drop them off.

Thank you for your help!

Go Gators!