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Upcoming at the Jenison HS Aquatics Center

To be added to our 1) Swim Lesson, 2) Dive Lessons, 3) Swim Team/JAWS, or 4) Water Polo email lists please email Moni at [email protected]. She will get you on any of the above lists. By being on these lists you will be the first to know when we have upcoming programs.

Community Lap Swim/Aqua Fitness

  • Always check the Pool Calendar prior to going to Open Swim/Lap Swim or Aqua Fitness.
    • www.jenisonaquatics.org
      • CLICK on the Pool Calendar
      • CLICK on Lap/Open Swim OR Aqua Fitness
      • CLICK on Week View for the best view
        • Check every Sunday!
  • Enter and exit from the pool lobby and locker room doors.
    • Do not enter the locker rooms any earlier than 10 minutes before the activity begins and exit the locker rooms no later than 10 minutes after the activity ends. Please plan accordingly. 
  • Remove shoes before going on the pool deck, sign in at the cart by the lifeguard or instructor, and shower before entering the water.
  • If you wish to swim laps or attend aqua fitness during the school day (8am-3pm) you must
    1. Complete and pass a criminal background check for JPS prior to coming to the pool. Criminal background checks take 1-2 business days to process and you will be notified via email regarding the results.
    2. Once you have received the results you must go to the Jenison HS Athletic office located in the main office of Jenison HS to purchase a $10 keycard which will allow you access to the pool door (D56) for each lap swim and aqua fitness class during the school day.

KEYCARD INFO FOR THE SCHOOL DAY: If you would like to swim laps or attend aqua fitness when school is in session you must 1) completeuring the school day all before attending your first lap swim or aqua fitness class. CLICK HERE FOR THE BACKGROUND CHECK PAPERWORK. Please send your completed criminal background check (A cell phone photo is fine!) to Moni Marlink in the HS athletic office/main office at [email protected]. You may also get a form from the Jenison HS Athletic Office or the Jenison HS Aquatics Center. Forms may be turned into the Jenison HS Athletic Office in person if you would like. Once we have results (usually within 24 business hours) you will be issued a key card after paying a $10 refundable deposit for the keycard. To receive your keycard when school is in session (M-F 8am-3pm) please see Moni Marlink in the Jenison HS Athletic Office. To receive your keycard when school is not in session (outside of the hours listed above) visit a lap swim and the lifeguard on duty will be able to provide you with a keycard for a $10 deposit. This keycard will get you into the school during the school day when we have lap swim or aqua fitness scheduled. Your $10 deposit for the keycard will be returned to you when you return your keycard to any lifeguard or Moni Marlink in the Jenison HS athletic office.

Additional info for community lap swim: You may pay a daily rate to enjoy our pool or you may get a membership. Members are covered for all open and lap swims CLICK HERE to get your membership or see pricing details.

Nonmembers will pay the lifeguard when they sign in. Exact change is preferred, but we do have change available. Nonmembers pay a daily rate based on their residency (between $3 and $4 per patron). Your residency is based on where you pay your school taxes, not your mailing address. Being a nonresident of Jenison Public Schools means your school tax dollars go to another school district other than Jenison. CLICK HERE to see full rate details.

Additional info for community aqua fitness: 

**In order to participate in aqua fitness during the academic school day you must have pre-purchased aqua fitness punches with Jen or Moni in the athletic office.**

 JPS is still working on an electronic punchcard system for aqua fitness, so for now you have to pay for punches with Moni in the athletic office or with Jen at the pool. For more details email Jen at [email protected]

COVID-19 Self Screener: Before coming to the pool, please make sure you can answer NO to all of the following:

Are you currently a positive case of COVID-19?

Have you experienced a fever greater than 100 degrees F, loss of taste and/or smell, or had vomiting or diarrhea the past 24 hours?

Are you experiencing chills, body aches, worsening sore throat, or cough?

Have you had close contact with anyone diagnosed with COVID-19 or a suspected case in the past 10 days?

Is anyone in your household COVID positive or currently waiting for COVID-19 test results?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions please do not go to the pool until you can answer NO to all of the questions. Thank you for your help in keeping the Jenison HS Aquatics Center safely open. 

HOME events coming up at the Jenison HS Aquatics Center:

Wednesday, October 12, our men's water polo team competes against Grand Haven at 6pm. *SENIOR NIGHT*

Thursday, October 13, our women's swim & dive team competes against East Kentwood at 6pm. *SENIOR NIGHT*

THANK YOU to everyone who has helped us raise money for our teams and facility through our monthly Palermo Fundraisers! We really appreciate your support! Each fundraiser will be the first Wednesday of the month (with the exception of spring break - April). Our school year dates are as follows, Oct 5, Nov 2, Dec 7, Jan 4, Feb 1, March 1, April 12, and May 3. Thank you for supporting Jenison Aquatics!

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