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Jenison High School Aquatics Center



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Come to the Jenison pool for a great and fun aquatics workout! You will never miss a class because you decide which classes to attend.  You must pre-purchase your punch card at Jenison Administration (before you begin any classes) located in the new JPS Center for the Arts building on the corner of 20th and Bauer (8375 - 20th Ave).  Upon arriving at the pool you must then print your name clearly on a sign-in sheet which will be located on the pool deck.  We use the sign in sheets to keep track of your visits and we will let you know when you have three or fewer visits!  Come join the fun... men and women of all ages are welcome!

*Please note all punches expire six months after purchase.

NEW TO AQUA FIT? When you preregister at Jenison Administration during open business hours your first class is FREE. Call Jenison Administration at 457-8890 for more information.