Children 12 years old or younger MUST have an adult present at the pool at all times.  Children 8 years or younger MUST have an adult in the pool and within arm’s reach at all times unless they pass a swim test given by a lifeguard.  If the lifeguards are too busy to administer a swim test, the child must stay with an adult.

Lifeguards are meant to save lives, not to baby-sit. 

Children who are not following the rules or who are

being disrespectful will be asked to leave the pool.

General Rules

o     No running on the pool deck!

o     All patrons MUST take a full, head to toe, shower before entering the water.  Any overuse of the showers during open swim (excessive shower use during open swim) will not be tolerated.

o     Swimmers misbehaving or abusing shower privileges will be asked to leave with no refund.

o     All patrons with hair longer than shoulder length must tie hair back.  All patrons with bobby pins in their hair must remove them and secure them somewhere that is not in the pool area.

o     Lap lanes must be used in a circle swim fashion (always stay to the right of the line on the bottom of the pool) and are not private lanes for only one patron.

o     No street shoes on the pool deck.

o     No swimming directly in front of the lifeguard stand at ANY time.

o     Please limit conversation with the lifeguard to necessary communication.

o     Do not enter the middle area between the bulkheads or go under the bulkheads at any time.

o     STAFF ONLY in the office during all open swims, lap swims, and open polo.

o     Do not use the competition blocks at anytime.

o     Everyone must wear shoes to go anywhere outside of the locker rooms (inc. the hallway/balcony).

o     The 3-meter high dive will not be open for any public use as a certified diving coach must be present to use the high dive.  One 1-meter board will be open for patron use at open swims.


o     Children wearing their own flotation device must be wearing a US Coast Guard approved flotation device or will be asked to wear a JPS life jacket (“swimmies” are not allowed).

o     Lifejackets are available for use to keep all non-swimmers safe.  If you need a lifejacket and cannot find one, feel free to ask a lifeguard.

o     Lifejackets may be used anywhere in the roped off area (the shallow end).

o     All swimmers 8 years old or younger who are wearing lifejackets MUST have a parent in the water and within arm’s reach at all times.


o     The Jenison High School Aquatics Center offers a variety of private lessons for any age participant.  Because we offer private lessons through community education there can be NO coaching or teaching taking place during any open or lap swim.  All private instruction must be given by a JPS staff member through registration at JenisonCommunity Education.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Pool Equipment

o     Aerobic belts and barbells are only to be used by adults doing aerobic activities. 

o     Swimmers may only use one inner-tube at a time.  Stacking inner-tubes is not allowed.

o     Noodles, balls, inner-tubes, and all pool toys are allowed ONLY in the roped off area.

o     Kickboards and pull buoys are for lap swimmers only and are onlyto be used in lap lanes.

The “Moon Walk”

o     Only one swimmer may be on the “Moon Walk” at a time!

o     No swimming around the moonwalk at any time

o     There is a weight limit:  Patrons must weigh less than 230 lbs.

o     Swimmers using the “Moon Walk” must be able to walk off the starting block WITH FORWARD MOTION.  No exceptions.

o     NO jumping on the “Moon Walk” or diving head first onto the “Moon Walk.”

The “Twin Track”

o     Do not swim underneath or near the inflatable

o     There is a weight limit:  Each racer must weigh less than 150 lbs.

o     Racers should be of equal size (approximately)

o     If you fall off do not try to get back on or pull on obstacles

o     If you fall swim away immediately

o     No watches, ‘chunky’ bracelets, large goggles, eye glasses, etc.

o     Do not hold onto the top black portion of the inflatable.

o     No grabbing other racers or horseplay.

o     If you make it to the slide

o       Sit and slide or go head first in your own lane

o       Do not hang or grab onto the orange ropes.

The Diving Board(s)

o     The high dive will not be open for any public use as a certified diving coach must be present to use the high dive.  One 1-meter board will be open for patron use at every open swim.

o     All dives must be done facing the pool (no inwards, back dives, reverses, or twists)

o     Skilled dives will be permitted at the lifeguard’s discretion.

o     One bounce per person on the diving board

o     One person at a time on the diving board

o     Must go off from a standing position

o     NO swimming under or around the diving board.

o     NO grabbing the board from the water and/or hanging on it from the water.