Practices - As a practical matter, swimmers must have at least a practice suit and goggles for each practice. Swimmers with long hair are encouraged to wear a swim cap to help manage their hair in the water. You can find affordable swimsuits, goggles, and sizing guides on Silver group swimmers are encouraged to obtain their own personal, well-fitting set of long fins for use during practice.

Meets - Swimmers are highly encouraged to have a separate team competition suit available through the Team Store. In order to ensure a good fit and limit drag in the water, competition suits should be one or two sizes smaller that the swimmer's practice suit and should feel snug. Suits should not have and excess fabric scrunched up. The inseam of jammers should go all the way to the trunk of the body to prevent a parachute effect.

Team Gear - is available at the beginning of each season via the Team Store. Once the team store closes, the entire team's order will be shipped and will be handed out during practice.