The first part of the season consists on several invitational meets including EKA's Rock the Blocks invite. These meets are open to many other teams as fundraisers for the hosting team. They often offer events different from the typical meet order. Because swimmers are charged for their participation, these meets are considered optional. However we encourage everyone to attend our own invitational if possible. Practice and start times may vary from meet to meet. Specific times and dates will be posted in the "Meets" section under the "Age-Group Swim" tab.

Registering for Invitationals

Swimmers are charged a $5 deck fee and $5 per event. Swimmers may swim up to 4 events. To register your swimmer for an invitational meet, you must commit them by the date listed in the meet description. Please commit your swimmers in a timely manner - each hosting facility sets their own deadlines and will either charge large penalties or disallow late entries. We will not accept late entries and cannot refund cancellations after the registration deadline. You may commit your swimmer by logging on to your team account and opening the "Meets" section under the "Age-Group Swim" tab.

  • Select the meet that you would like to commit to.

  • In the specific meet's page, click the "Attend/Decline" button in the upper right-hand corner.

  • Once inside the commitment section, use the drop-down section to select "YES [NAME] will be attending," then scroll down and check the box next to "Day/Session 1," then indicate how many events you would like that swimmer to swim in the text box at the bottom of the page.

Once you commit the swimmer to the meet, the Coaches will select suitable events for the swimmer. Please pay at the pool office with cash or check before the entry due date. If you have not paid by the entry deadline we will scratch your swimmer from the meet. If you are paying in cash, please do so with a note attached with the swimmer name and the meet location.

On the Day of the Invitational

Please plan on arriving within the sign-in period indicated on the meet's info page. Swimmers must sign-in on the sheets provided to indicate whether they are there or not. In order to make the meets as short as possible and ensure that there are no empty heats, the host will scratch any swimmer that is not signed-in when the sheets are pulled. They are typically pulled shortly after warm-ups begin so please arrive and sign-in early before warm-ups. Swimmers should be on deck and ready to hit the water at the beginning of warm-ups.

Warm-ups typically last one to two hours.

League rules require that all meets that have 10 & Unders should last no longer than 4 hours from the first event from the last. Usually most meets are shorter. Meet lineups will be available immediately before the start of the meet.