Parent Code of Conduct

It is important to specifically address what type behavior is expected of swimming parents so we can continue to provide the best environment for sportsmanship and swimmers.

  • Parents will positively support their swimmer(s) physically, mentally, and emotionally.

  • Parents will always teach and practice good sportsmanship and promote positive team spirit and morale.

  • Parents will act and conduct themselves with dignity and with respect for others and the property of others.

  • Parents will be role models and ambassadors of the team and will represent themselves in a respectful manner at all EKA events and activities.

  • Parents will not address meet officials directly.

  • Parents will give deference to coaching decisions made by coaches.

  • Parents will maintain open communication with their swimmer(s) coach. Only after inquiries are not resolved with the coach, should they direct their issue to the Administrative Coach.

  • Will not cause any physical harm or threaten physical harm to a fellow team member, coach, parent or competitor.

  • Parents must be present at the dismissal time to pick up their child.

  • For early dismissals parents must be present, on deck, before their child is released from practice.

Each parent understands that violation of any of these guidelines, s/he voluntarily subjects her/himself to disciplinary action. This Parent Code of Conduct remains in effect as long as s/he are affiliated with the Age-Group Swim Team.