Swimmer Code of Conduct

As a swimmer, and athlete, representing the East Kentwood Aquatic's Age-Group Team (EKA), each swimmer recognizes and agrees to conform to the following Code of Conduct at all times while representing EKA.

  • Act and conduct themselves with dignity and with respect for others and the property of others.

  • Dress in a manner suitable as a representative of the EKA Swim Team.

  • Always teach and practice good sportsmanship

  • Promote positive team spirit and morale.

  • Be a responsible, goodwill ambassador between the sport of swimming and the public

  • Will not cause any physical harm or threaten physical harm to a fellow team member, coach, parent, or competitor.

  • Will not cause any verbal harm to a fellow team member, coach parent, or competitor.

  • Will not behave in a manner that, in the opinion of the coaches or team representatives, is contrary to normally accepted behavior

  • Follow the rules of the hosting facility regarding behavior and safety.

  • Swimmers must remain in the pool area at all times during practice. Swimmers may go to the bathroom only with coach'es permission and must report back within 5 minutes.

  • After changing, swimmers must exit the locker rooms from the pool deck and via the community entrance.

  • For early dismissals, swimmers must remain on the pool deck until their parent is present and ready to take them.

Each swimmer understands that violation of any of these may cause disciplinary actions to be taken. This Swimmer Code of Conduct remains in effect as long as the swimmer is affiliated as a swimmer of the Age-Group Swim Team.