The Lakeview Aquatic Club (LAC) is organized and run by a group of parents who volunteer their time and by our talented coaches.  Listed below are the parents and coaches representing our organization and the roles they play within the organization.

Julie Youngquist, Senior Coach:  Coach Youngquist is responsible for coaching high school and college aged swimmers from Lakeview and surrounding districts in a year-round USA club program.  As the past president of Michigan Swimming and 30+ years of head coaching experience, her responsibilites remain with the continued development of the high school and college aged swimmers outside of their college or high school seasons. email:

Andy Fredenburg, Junior Coach:  Coach Fredenburg is responsible for the development of the 14 and under program and Learn to Swim.  Andy is a graduate of Lakeview High School and was captain of its 2008 State Championship Team.  Coach Fredenburg graduated with a teaching degree from Western Michigan University in 2014 and is currently a 7th grade math teacher at Lakeview Middle School.  He has been involved with LAC for five years as an assistant coach. email:

Nicole Shugars, Treasurer:  Nicole is responsible for managing LAC's team finances through the Team Unify program.  Nicole works with the LAC Board to make sure the LAC organization is financially stable. email:

David Turner, Senior Parent Representative:   Dave is the liaison between parents involved in the senior group and Coach Youngquist.  Based upon his experience and conversations with parents, Dave will provide the coaching staff with input on how to further develop the senior program. email:

Stacey Lott, Junior Parent Representative:    Stacey is the liaison between parents involved in the development and junior groups and Coach Fredenburg.  Based upon her experience and conversations with parents, Stacey  will provide the coaching staff with input on how to further develop the junior programs. email:

 Carrie Phillips, Meet/Volunteer Coordinator:  Carrie is responsible for organizing meet workers for our home meets.  This position will allow our coaches to focus on coaching our swimmers during meets not worrying about how meets are staffed.    email: