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LCSC Coho Swimming: Goal Sheets, Daily Journal and Athlete Evaluations

LCSC Coho Swimming Goal Sheets are updated seasonally to assist swimmers in setting realistic and challenging goals for the upcoming session.  The most important ingredient in each person's success in the water is having clear goals to achieve in both the short- and long-term.  Proper planning promotes positive results.  

All swimmers are expected to have a hand-written current goal sheet on file with the team.  Coaches also suggest that swimmers handwrite a second copy to keep posted at home.  Each swimmer on Team Coho is expected to have a one-on-one meeting with a lead coach during each session to improve communication and understanding of each swimmer's most important goals for the session.

The LCSC Coho Athlete Daily Journal page is a great way to track improvement.  Monitoring rest, hydration, nutrition, exercise, and setting daily personal goals provides Coho swimmers an opportunity to review and reflect on each day's actions.  

Swimmer evaluation forms are also posted in this section.  Swimmer-led evaluation sessions are to be conducted with each Coho near the end of each session.