Livonia's Premier Youth Swimming Club

Session 1 Registration

Is Open Now! 

Please be sure to read through

all the tabs carefully to ensure

you register your swimmer for the

correct group.  


Concussion Form -

Everyone must fill one out each

year and return to the coaches.

Click on the link to print or pick one

up from the Coaches and return.


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New Member Information

Welcome to LCSC! 

As a new swim parent, we know that the process can seem a bit overwhelming, so we have created this page with infomation that you may find useful.

Concussion Form

Swimmers and parents must sign this form and return it to the coaches.  Click on the link below to access the form or grab one from the coaches at practice

Concussion Form (click to print) 



Swimmers will earn times at each meet.  Once you have regsitered with LCSC and USA Swimming, you will be able to create a log in and password.  Your swimmer's times can be located on the following website:  

You can download the app to your mobile device too.  Search DECK PASS and you will see the app to install.


Our website and information, incuding meets, meet entries and Team Feed, are available on the ON DECK app.  The link to Deck Pass is also in the ON DECK app.


Meet entries must be completed by the date that Coach Vince sends out.  You can click the link in the email or use the DECK PASS app (under Events) to click on the event and enter.  If you ahve any questions about which events your swimmer should enter, please contact Coach Vince or Coach Paul.


Once your swimmer arrives at a meet, they will proceed to the meet check in.  There they will use the highlighter provided and highlight their name and events that they are swimming.  Once complete, they will proceed through the lockerroom and onto the deck to meet the team and coaches.  Parents are NOT allowed in the lockerroom or on deck at any time during a meet.