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LCSC Coho Update 26 January 2023

Vincent Gallant

LCSC Coho Update      26 January 2023
     Thank you for making LCSC your year-round swim team! These updates are communication to the whole team from the LCSC coaches. Please use this newsletter as a reference for getting the new year off to a successful start. LCSC is a member of USA Swimming and is part of the Michigan Swimming community. Coaches are ready to offer our team great instruction and training over the next year and beyond.  
LCSC Mission: LCSC offers the local swimming community excellent instruction in water safety, essential swimming techniques, advanced racing skills and training, and cultivates a life-long love of the sport of swimming. 
LCSC Vision: Livonia Community Swim Club will continue to develop well-rounded swimmers who strive to excel in swimming and apply these principles to all aspects of their personal success. We seek to develop both regionally and nationally ranked swimmers as well as good sports citizens.

Training Schedule Update
Week of Jan. 23: Wednesday night canceled due to heavy snowfall. Thursday afternoon for SR/Platinum only, 3-4:30 p.m. Bronze/Silver may practice Friday, 5:30-7 p.m. Gold may also attend Saturday morning, 8-10 a.m.
Week of Jan. 30: All practices to run as scheduled through Thursday, Groundhog’s Day (Feb 2). LCSC Polar Plunge, Team Effort Meet, takes place Friday through Sunday afternoon. 
Week of Feb. 6: Monday (Feb. 6) practice canceled so that everyone can take a recovery day after the Polar Plunge meet. Saturday (Feb. 11) practice canceled in favor of the Guppy Bowl and Michigan Open swim meets. Tuesday through Friday practices to run as normally scheduled. 
Week of Feb. 13: All practices to run as scheduled except Thursday (Feb. 16). Thursday afternoon for SR/Platinum only, 3-4:30 p.m. Bronze/Silver may practice Friday, 5:3-7 p.m. Gold may also attend Saturday morning, 8-10 a.m.

Coho Racing Updates
January 2023: Odd Age Classic Highlights

Here are the top Coho swims as chosen by the Coho coaches for the Odd Age Classic held at Waterford Kettering HS, Jan. 13-15:
Robert Earle  100 IM               Kali French  200 fr                   Mathilde Jariett  50 fl
Sammy Kaakaji  200 fr             Gavin Kihn  200 br                  Lincoln Krawczyk  50 bk
James Lagerstrom  50 br        Owen Melancon  200 fr          Maylee Qu  100 IM
Adrianna Riggs  200 IM           Lily Schoder  200 fr                 Wyatt Weakley  100 IM
Maddie Caillouette  200 br     Bryce Coon  200 br                 Abigail Davidson  500 fr
Emma Delvecchio  200 bk      Lillian Earle  100 br                 Patrick Holland  200 fr
Allen Hu  200 br                      Lexie Jolly  500 fr                    Jenna Kihn  100 fl
Connor Matz  100 fr               Evie Melancon  100 IM           Alex Schultz  50 bk
Ava Weakley  100 IM              Emily Anderson  200 bk          Charlotte Boehm  200 IM
Pierson Boehm  200 br           Finley Cadwell  100 bk            Josey Coon  100 br
Ella Dziobak  200 fl                  Joan Foster  400 IM                Hailey Gillett  100 fr
Lilliana Holland  400 IM          Bird Hubbard  200 IM             Hana Kaakaji  100 fl
Rachel King  500 fr                  James McGruther  200 fr        James Meiselbach  200 bk
Kaari Peecher  100 bk             Anthony Reinowski  100 br    Faith Robertson  100 fl
Sabrina Sliwka  100 br            Luke Sosnowski  100 br          Lana Willey  100 fr
February 2023
3-5                   LCSC Team Effort Meet: Polar Plunge at LCRC
 All Coho swimmers should review entries for this Team Effort Meet. 
10-12               Michigan Open at Oakland U. (13 & O State qualifiers only)
Our team entry was accepted for this advanced-level meet. 
11                    Guppy Bowl at Lake Orion HS (10 & U)  
This is a fun meet for 10 & Unders, our entry has been accepted, and the meet is 
                          full. No late entries are being accepted for this meet.
24-26               SST Last Chance Meet at Saline HS    Sign up on/before: 28 Jan 2023
This meet is for Coho swimmers not yet qualified for the March championship 
                          meets. Information is posted on the team website. 
                          Late entries will not be accepted for this meet.
March 2023
4-5                   Metro Regional Meet at Grosse Pte. South HS   Sign up on/before: 26 Feb 2023
Qualification times are needed to participate in this meet and are posted on the
                          Michigan Swimming website. Late entries will not be accepted for this meet.
17-19               Ultra (Open) Championship Meet at Holland, MI
                          Qualification times are needed to participate in this meet and are posted on the
                          Michigan Swimming website. 
23-26               Speedo Sectionals at Indianapolis, IN   Sign up on/before: 14 Feb 2023
Qualifications time are needed to participate in this meet and are posted on the
                          Central Zone website.
24-26               MAGS (14 & U) Championship Meet at East Kentwood HS, Grand Rapids, MI
                          Qualification times are needed to participate in this meet and are posted on the
                          Michigan Swimming website.

LCSC Suits, Caps, and Training Equipment
     LCSC has partnered with Finis and Jolyn suits for our team swim wear. A team suit order will be placed in early January, so please stay tuned.
     Latex team caps are available to all swimmers from coaches upon request.
     Silicone team caps.  An order for personalized silicone team caps will be placed when we have enough caps to order (40 caps are the minimum for a team order). Please send Coach Vince an email reminder if you are interested in ordering. Caps are ordered in pairs. Currently, we do not have enough cap requests to send in an order.
     Each Coho swim group has a list of required equipment. Most equipment is available through our SwimOutlet team store.  Just scroll down on our home page, click the icon, and the LCSC team store will link up.  The specific type of equipment (i.e., Finis products, styles) have been selected by the coaches as the best equipment for each athlete to improve technique. **The PDF fins which have been out of stock since the start of the year are now available at both SwimOutlet and Finis.**
 Finis Alignment kickboard, Finis PDF fins
Gold: Finis Alignment kickboard, Finis PDF fins, Finis Freestyle snorkel* (*must be specific style)
SR/Platinum: Finis Alignment kickboard, Finis Edge fins, Finis ISO Paddles, Finis Freestyle Snorkel, Swim parachute, mesh bags for kicking.  Swim parachutes differ in their price, size, and quality; mesh bags (12” x 18”, or larger) may be found at the Champion Sports Store: 
Swimmers may check with coaches regarding equipment recommendations.

LCSC Coho 2022-2023 Training and Racing Plan
What to Expect Each Day at Practice

~Please arrive 15 minutes ahead of scheduled time to stretch and prepare to be in the water on time. Coaches will review/instruct the daily stretching routine with all groups during the first two weeks of the year.
 ~Parents may observe practice from the spectator area on the second floor.  Per USA Swimming insurance guidelines, no parents are allowed on deck, except for meetings and/or questions for the coaches.
~Please stay home if you are having symptoms related to the flu, Covid-19, or any contagious bug.  Please communicate with us if you have positive tests in your household. We are obliged to communicate close contacts when they occur.

LCSC Daily Training
Each day, each LCSC swimmer is expected to bring a positive attitude, be on-time and prepared, and be attentive to the details of swim instruction throughout the practice session. Every day offers instruction in excellent swimming skills, from the basics of underwater streamlining and propulsion to the most minute details of hand and limb placement in each racing stroke.
Preparing for Introductory Racing
Racing with LCSC is a bit different than racing summer club or high school. In the USA Swimming community, athletes are recognized for their versatility in racing in multiple strokes and distances. Each year, LCSC recognizes its young swimmers who achieve the USA Swimming IMXtreme standards for their age group. LCSC coaches work with Coho swimmers to improve technique, endurance, and speed in all four racing strokes with the goal of preparing each swimmer to have the skills and confidence needed to be successful in this swimming challenge.
Preparing for Racing at the State Level and Beyond
Daily training and understanding the basics of racing are the backbone of successful swimmers. But you need more than the basics to be successful at the higher levels of any discipline, especially an athletic endeavor like competitive swim. Daily attendance, a resilient attitude, and constant attention to minute details increase one’s opportunity to experience high degrees of success. LCSC coaches recommend that any Coho athlete interested in being prepared to race at the state level or above be prepared to practice 4-8x/week, depending upon their age. There are a lot of hungry young swimmers in the State of Michigan, and that’s only the tip of the USA Swimming iceberg! 

Looking forward to a great year of training and racing!

Your LCSC Coho Coaches