Life Time Michigan 


Our team is a year-round competitive USA Swimming team offering high quality, professional coaching and technique instruction for all ages and abilities. The goal of our team is to promote a lifetime of wellness through the sport of swimming.

Team Philosophy

As a proud member of USA-Swimming (the national governing body of competitive swimming in America), Life Time is committed to offering a program where beginners and nationally ranked swimmers can enjoy a swimming experience that meets their individual needs.


Every Swimmer, Every Day.

Our coaches pride themselves on their ability to connect with their athletes on a daily basis. Swimmers can come to practice every day knowing that their coaches will give them positive, thoughtful feedback and will encourage them to push beyond the limitations they place on themselves on their way to reaching their full potential as both a swimmer and a person.


Six Sites - One Team

Though we swim at six distinct sites throughout Michigan, we are all LIFE TIME SWIM!

All Life Time coaches actively work to get to know swimmers from every site, and we encourage this same active participation in our swimmers. We pride ourselves on our ability to create a positive team culture with a collective vision, purpose, and goal. Our coaches across every site work together and share ideas. Though our practices are held at six separate sites, at meets we are one team with one giant presence - all exhibiting our Life Time Pride! We're not just building better swimmers, we're building better kids.

At Life Time, your child will learn the importance of being a good person. We do more than teach swimming here. We teach commitment, compassion, and life skills. We teach the importance of community. We teach perseverance and passion. Go LIFE TIME!