Liquid Lightning Swim Meet Job Descriptions

The LL swim team hosts three USA meets this year.  The Back To Pool meet (three day meet) in October, the Guppy Bowl meet (one day meet) in February, and the White District Junior Olympic Meet in March.  These meets are the main fundraisers for the swim team.  Each family is required to fulfill a number of work sessions for each meet. (Parents and/or High School age or above are needed to fulfill work commitment)  Should a family choose not to fulfill their required volunteer time, they will be charged $100 per session not worked.

The listing below gives a brief outline of the job descriptions for hosting a USA meet:

Meet Director(s):

Plans, organizes, directs and oversees ALL aspects of the hosted meet.  Must stay at the pool for the entire meet. (If absence is necessary, a board-approved replacement can be appointed by the meet director.) Chair position must be USA registered and will be exempt from the team’s service hour requirements.

Volunteer Coordinator/Check-In(s):

Sets up volunteer sign-up page, coordinates and oversees all volunteers during swim meets, adjusting volunteers to open positions as needed, tracks members’ service hours and notifies the board of families who do not fulfill their required service hours.  Remains at the pool for the entire meet. (If absence is necessary, a board-approved replacement can be appointed.)

Check-in volunteer checks volunteers in at the start of their shifts and out at the end of their shifts.  Should arrive 1 hour prior to warm-up.

Safety Marshal

Ensures all posted pool rules are followed.  Patrols pool deck and locker room (of same sex) to ensure safe conduct by swimmers and other authorized people on the deck.  Also ensures unauthorized people remain off of the pool deck area.  Reports unsafe conditions to the meet manager if required.  Reports to pool deck ½ hour before warm-up and works entire swim session. Chair position must be USA registered. (4 people per shift [1 male and 1 female in order to go through locker rooms] plus one person at each door)

Computer Room

Computer Room - Meet manager:

Runs meet manager, printer for labels and coordinates time sheets and order of finish slips as well as verifying timing finishes, back up times and DQ’s and does calculation and readies the sheet the notes how many deck entries are available for each event of their swim session. Reports to pool 1 hour before warm-up and works until all timing and results are completed for swim session.

Computer Room - CTS:

Runs the timing system, starts up and runs display board, removes lane data from board where there is no swimmer, verifies correct number of touches per swimmer per lap.  Reports to pool at the beginning of warm ups.

Computer Room - Meet Entries:

Receives all entries, notifies MI swimming when limit is reached, sends file of athletes entered in meet to MI swimming, makes last-minute changes on meet day after teams arrive, and maintains all files and records of payment for each team. Reports to pool at start of warm-up and stays until the session begins.

Clerk of Course/ Check In

Organizes check in procedures, accepts deck entries if allowed, and notifies computer room of any athletes who have scratched or not checked in.  Reports to pool 1 hour before warm-up and works until swim session begins. (1 person per shift)


Chairs purchase all supplies and maintain records of expenses and sales. A chairperson shall be in attendance during set-up, throughout the meet and during clean-up.  (If absence is necessary, a board-approved replacement can be appointed.)

Volunteers responsible to set up, sell and clean up all food and beverages sold during swim meet.  Morning shift needs to be at pool 1 hour before warm-up begins and works through swim session. Afternoon shift needs to be at pool ½ hour before warm-up and stays to help clean-up and store all remaining food, beverages and supplies (4 to5 people per shift)


Makes any announcements requested by head officials, announces event, heat#, swimmer names, lanes and results. Reports to deck ½ hour before warm-up and works entire session. (1 person per session)           


Head timer oversees all timers, gets watches and clipboards ready for start of meet and acts as a backup timer.

There will be 2 timers per lane.  Timers line up swimmers in their lanes (unless meet has lane greeters), directs swimmers in their lane to get on block if swimmer is not stepping up when required, starts and stops stop watches at the beginning and end of races. One timer per lane will also depress the back-up button at the end of the race, the other timer will record stop watch times on timer sheets.  16 timers are needed per shift (2 per lane) to time and record each heat of each event. Reports to pool deck ½ hour before meet start and works entire session. If required to leave your lane for any reason, the head timer must be notified and a replacement must be in place before leaving.


Chair purchases awards and oversees all award distribution. Label and sort awards during meet.  Morning session reports to pool at start of meet and stays through warm up of next session. Afternoon session reports to pool at beginning of warm-up and works until last award has been labeled and sorted. (2 to 3 people per session)


Chair coordinates, purchases and sets-up all food for meet officials and coaches attending meet.  (If absence is necessary, a board-approved replacement can be appointed.)

Volunteer sets up food for meet officials and coaches, delivers water to meet volunteers, coaches and officials once an hour during meet and cleans up and puts away food and supplies after meet.   (2 people per session.  Morning shift volunteers arrive ½ hour before warm-up.  Afternoon shift needs to stay until clean-up is complete. )


Collect admission fees and sell meet programs. Reports to pool 1 hour before warm-up and works entire session. (4 people needed per session [2 for each entrance])


Collect timer sheets from each lane and deliver to computer room, hand results to announcers and awards area and post results. Reports to pool at start of swim meet and works entire session. (3-4 people per session)

Order of Finish

Records order of finish for all swimmers in each heat.  If break is needed during meet, must notify head timer, and only leave position once a replacement has been positioned.  Reports to pool deck 15 minutes prior to start of the meet and works entire session. (2 people)

Lane Greeters

One volunteer per lane.  Lines up swimmers in their lane in event/heat order to ensure the correct swimmer is swimming in the correct event in the correct heat in the correct lane.  Especially needed for 25 yard events when there are no timers in the start area. Reports to pool deck ½ hour before start of meet and works entire session.  (8 people per 10 & under session)


Sets up tables and chairs, tapes up swimmer check-in and highlighters, and does all other general set-up prior to the start of the meet.  Reports to pool office 1 hour before warm-up begins.


Cleans up deck, locker rooms, and lobby areas at the conclusion of the day’s last session.  Organizes lost and found table.  Once general clean-up is complete, assists in concessions and hospitality teardown.