LIquid Lightning Member Communications

Team Website - Please visit our web site at for information on swim meets, team swim suits and swim gear, information on our coaching staff, practice/meet calendar and email addresses for contacting your board of directors. Meet packets for meet registration may also be downloaded from the web site. If Lake Orion High School cancels school for any reason, swim practice will also be canceled, and noted on the home page.

Email - Our primary means of communication is through email. It is used to distribute meet information, notify families of practice cancelations and other general correspondence.

Bulletin BoardThe team bulletin board is located in the pool balcony and is used to post team information. All meet information is posted here. Please check all meet entries for accuracy.

Family FoldersA file box containing a folder for each swim family is located close to the bulletin board in the pool balcony. These folders are used for some correspondence, distribution of ribbons and medals from swim meets and other handouts. Please check your folder on a regular basis.