"Swimming is what we DO!"


Our Mission and Philosophy 


The Mission of Motor City Aquatics is to establish and operate a national caliber swim program that will provide athletes of all levels of ability the opportunity to achieve their highest level of swimming and personal development in order to become the best that they can be.


At Motor City Aquatics, we believe that the development of the individual is every bit as important as the systematic development of their swimming abilities in order for all of our swimmers to attain their own highest level of achievement. Our club is intentionally sized to focus on the individual swimmer and their unique goals while simultaneously expecting and guiding each athlete to contribute positively to the team and their teammates’ pursuit of their own goals as part of that process.


At the start of the process, we begin with our White program, for our novice, younger swimmers, where we lay the groundwork for the swimmer’s overall development and enjoyment for the sport. All swimming fundamentals are established in this group and layered and re-emphasized all the way through the National Development program.  In conjunction with the basics of swimming we believe that in order to truly attain all the success desired by our athletes, we nurture personal characteristics such as respect, sportsmanship, personal accountability, dedication, and embracing failure as part of the process towards success (just to name a few).


As athletes progress through our program, from White to Red, Red to Blue, and then Senior Conditioning or Seniors, endurance training grows in conjunction with age and ability. In all groups, stroke technique and proficiency are constantly emphasized, as well as advanced start and turn techniques. We also offer an optional off-shoot from the Senior group during this progression:  National Development.    


Once a swimmer decides to truly dedicate themselves to the pursuit of attaining their highest level of performance, where endurance and commitment levels increase, we offer the ability to join the National Development program at the appropriate age.  This group requires greater and more stringent attendance levels as well as further developing levels of personal accountability.  Goal setting and parent-swimmer-coach meetings occur more frequently, all with the goal of encouraging the athlete to identify, aspire, and attain their own goals and dreams.