IMPORTANT: Any changes to a time/location made after publication will be noted with "CHANGE."  Call the hotline for the most up-to-date information: (248) 593-8607

Sync the MCA group calendars with your smart phone or tablet using Google Calendar or iCal!  When a practice change is made to the website, the change will automatically appear on your device.  When syncing, you MUST sync your swimmer's group AND the meets/team events calendar.  See details below the calendar for syncing instructions.  

Need Help? Contact Andrea Mychalowych

 Default view is "month." Change the view on the right of the calendar. If you'd only like to see schedules for particular practice groups, click the down arrow at top right of calendar to select your group(s).

Phone users: rotate horizontal for best view


Below are the links for Meets & Events and Practice group calendars.  You only need to subscribe to the calendars once.  It will automatically update your phone’s calendar when a new schedule is released, when events are added, or if events/practices are changed.

We recommend only subscribing to Meets & Team Events and only your swimmer(s) practice group. You MUST subscribe to the Meets & Team events calendar or you will not receive information regarding meets, "no practice" days, deadlines and team functions.

We have tested the different platforms and have found the Google Calendar app syncs changes the quickest.  It is available for download in the app store.  There is a slight delay (10 min or so) with iCal.  Always check the hotline
(248) 593-8607 for up-to-date practice information.

  • Google Calendar App via iPhone/iPad & Android: First download the Google Calendar app from the app store. From your device, click "+Google Calendar" at bottom right in the above calendar and follow prompts. You will need a Gmail account.  Works with the Google Calendar app.  
  • iCalendar App via iPhone/iPad: 
  1. From your device, copy the link for your group below to subscribe to the appropriate calendar(s).  
  2. From your device, COPY the link below to subscribe to the appropriate calendar(s).   
  3. Go into SETTINGS on your phone
  4. Click CALENDAR
  5. Click ACCOUNTS
  6. Click ADD ACCOUNT
  7. Click OTHER
  9. Paste link that you copied
  10. Click NEXT
  11. Click NEXT (No need to enter any additional information)
  12. You should get verification message that you are now subscribed to the calendar.  Repeat all these steps for every calendar you need.

Meets & Events webcal://[email protected]/public/basic.ics

White webcal://

Red webcal://

Blue webcal://

Senior Conditioning webcal://

Senior webcal://

National webcal://