Michigan Lakeshore Aquatics

Competitive Swimming & Diving Programs of the Holland Aquatic Center

If you can swim one pool length, you are invited to dive in!

Michigan Lakeshore Diving offers three groups that cover all skill levels: Beginner, Intermediate and an Advanced Team. No matter what ability level, we will work to build a foundation for success.

Beginner Diving -  This group is designed for those 13 and under wanting to grow and learn more about the sport. 
Divers will work at their individual ability level to gain skills and dives from each group. Divers will be taught, in a safe environment, the fundamentals of diving as well as the physical conditioning that comes along with it. When an individual is ready, line-ups and new dives will be taught on both 1-meter and 3-meter boards.

  • 3 Days a Week: $165.00
  • 2 Days a Week: $140.00
  • 1 Day a Week: $125.00

Intermediate Diving - This group is designed for those preparing for Junior High and High School levels of competition. Divers on this team are required to focus on both 1-meter and 3-meter for individual and synchro competitions. Strength conditioning is stressed on this team.

  • 3 Days a Week: $195.00
  • 2 Days a Week: $165.00
  • 1 Day a Week: $125.00

Advanced Diving - Invitation Only 
Advanced divers will be competing at the national level and expected to attend most meets. Members of this team practice 4-5 days per week and work on both the 1-meter and 3-meter boards regularly. This group is also expected to compete at the highest level each season. For more information regarding this group, please contact Jean Luc.

  • 4+ Days a Week: $195.00