How to comply with the New Adult Athlete APT Requirements Q&A

USA Swimming athlete members who are 18 years of age and older are considered Adult Athletes and are subject to the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP). Adult Athletes are also required to take and pass every 12 months the US Center for SafeSport’s free online Athlete Protection Training (APT).


Effective June 23, all athlete members 18 years of age and older must satisfactorily complete the US Center for Safe Sport Athlete Protection Training Program every 12 months. Athletes who are not certified within 30 days after their 18th birthdays or do not renew their certification every 12 months will not be permitted to participate in USA Swimming activities like sanctioned swim meets and practices.

Adult Athletes can access the certification site here


All USA Swimming members can use USA Swimming’s website and DECK PASS PLUS to prove and track APT compliance.

Link to

*Please note that this is the same Athlete Protection Training required of coaches and non-athlete members, NOT the SafeSport Training for Minor Athletes that is found on the USA Swimming SafeSport page.

Who is an Adult Athlete?

Any USA Swimming athlete member who is 18 years of age or older is an Adult Athlete.

When must Adult Athletes take the new Athlete Protection Training?

  • By June 23, 2019, all current Adult Athletes must complete the APT.

  • Beginning now, Adult Athletes must take the APT within 30 days of their 18th birthday.

  • Adult Athletes must renew their APT certification every 12 months to retain their USA Swimming membership and be eligible to compete in USA Swimming sanctioned meets and practice with USA Swimming clubs.

Where can Adult Athletes find the APT courses?

  • The US Center for SafeSport training can be found on the USA Swimming website at:

  • Adult Athletes should go to this page and follow the step-by-step instructions to access the APT modules on the USA Swimming LEARN site. This is the ONLY ACCESS point that ensures an Adult Athlete gets credit for completing the APT certification.

  • APT is linked to an athlete’s registration account and should update APT certification status in DECK PASS within 24 hours. Note, trainees must complete all three APT modules including the course evaluations and​ receive a “✓DONE” in each for their certification to be complete. Athletes will receive a congratulatory email when they are certified and should save a copy as proof.​

What about new/renewing Adult Athlete members?

New Adult Athletes or Adult Athletes who have allowed their memberships to lapse must submit their USA Swimming membership applications to the MI Swimming Registrar. Once the Registrar processes the application, the Adult Athlete will be able to access the APT certification site. Check the MI Swimming website for registration procedures at

What happens if an Adult Athlete does not complete their APT certification by the deadline?

Adult Athletes who do not complete the APT within 30 days of their 18th birthdays (or by June 23 for a those who are already 18 or older) will be considered unregistered swimmers and will not be eligible for sanctioned competition or USA club practices and activities until the APT is completed. These unregistered swimmers will be flagged on the pre- meet recon report, in OME, and in your Club Portal on the USA Swimming website.

How are soon-to-be Adult Athletes being informed about APT now and in the future?

  • Adult Athletes are solely responsible for complying with all USA Swimming membership requirements.

  • Current USA Swimming athlete members will receive notification emails from USA Swimming 30 days before their 18th birthday, on their 18th birthday, and 30 days after their 18th birthday if they have failed to complete the APT.

Can 17-year-old athletes take the training early?

Yes! Athlete members can access the training at The APT certification is valid for 12 MONTHS from the training completion date. Keep in mind that when athlete members reach the age of 18, they must always maintain valid APT certification while they are competing.

MI Swimming recommends that 17-year-old athletes who will turn 18 within a season consider taking the training early so that they are covered for all meets in that season. Of course, they can wait until their 18th birthdays but must complete the APT within 30 days to be eligible for competition in sanctioned meets. To avoid registration issues, it is recommended that swimmers who will become Adult Athletes prior to the first day of a sanctioned meet complete the APT no later than the entry deadline.

Does this training requirement apply to NCAA athletes?

Maybe. NCAA athletes 18 and older who wish to join USA Swimming as Adult Athletes to compete in sanctioned meets and practice with USA clubs must complete and maintain APT certification.

How can I help make sure my team’s Adult Athletes are always compliant?

  • Identify the current Adult Athletes on your team and personally alert them to the new APT requirements. Remind them that they must take the APT by June 23, 2019.

  • Identify the swimmers who will become Adult Athletes in a season and personally alert them to the new APT requirements.

  • Inform parents so that they can join in encouraging Adult Athletes to complete the APT within the required timeframe or earlier.

  • Make sure your club has an active and engaged SafeSport Coordinator who will stay up to date on APT and other SafeSport programs. The SafeSport Coordinator can assist with monitoring Adult Athlete APT compliance as well as with other SafeSport initiatives such as MAAPP implementation and qualifying your team as a SafeSport Recognized Club.

  • Encourage Adult Athletes to download DECK PASS on their smartphones so they have access to their USA Swimming membership card that will prove APT certification and note when 12-month renewal is required.

  • Check your team roster in your USA Swimming Club Portal prior to entering meets to correct any APT issues before they create problems with entries. Go here and-lsc-portal-search and log in.

  • Include Adult Athlete APT requirements in your team’s registration materials and communicate APT compliance through your team’s website, newsletters, team updates, parent meetings, etc.

  • Consider dedicating a practice to APT training or set up an activity session during which athletes gather to complete the training courses on their phones, tablets, or laptops while under coach supervision.

Other questions? Contact MI Swimming Safe Sport Coordinator, Melissa Millerick-May.