Here are some helpful tips for a successful swim meet!

Be on Time!

Our warm up time is limited. If you are late you may miss the warm-up for your group. Plan on being on deck, in your suit, and ready to swim 15 minutes before the published warmup time. 

Check In!

You will find the check in sheets in the lobby outside the locker rooms. Highlight your name and be sure you are checked in for all your events. Sometimes you will have to check in twice if you are swimming in different age groups, (ex. 8 & under and 10 & under). Check in closes during the meet warmup and if you don’t check in you can’t swim! If there is an emergency and you are running late, please contact a friend to check you in.

Put your Event Numbers on your Hand or Arm!

Use a marker to write your event numbers, the stroke and distance on your arm or hand before you get to the meet. Find your events and the numbers on the Sturgeons TeamUnify website. There is limited time and too many swimmers for the coaches to do this at the meet. Heats and lanes will be published before the start of the meet and coaches will help with finding and finishing those.

Example: Your swimmer is swimming in Event 13, the 100 Freestyle.  #13  100 Fr  H?/L?

Stay in the Team Area!

Please let ask before you leave the deck to go to the bathroom or see your parents. If we can’t find you, we can’t make sure you get to your event on time. You can get to know your team mates, learn how things work and cheer for your team!

Get Your Time!

Ask your timer for your time when you get out of the water. Knowing your times is part of competing in our sport and sometimes your coaches miss your time or it is not on the scoreboard.

Talk to your coach after every swim!

You can tell us your time, celebrate a great swim, and learn how to improve for the next swim.

What to Bring

Sturgeon Cap– Extras if you have them
Goggles – Extras if you have them
Shoes/Flip-flops – to leave the deck
Towel – maybe two, one for during & one for after the meet
Sturgeon T-Shirt
Zip-up jacket or sweatshirt and/or sweat pants to stay warm
Sharpie – to write your heats and lanes
Snack and a drink – you must keep your area clean!