What’s in your swim bag?

Use this list as a packing list for the night before a meet. Make sure that you, not your mom or dad, are responsible for packing your bag. That way you are responsible for bringing everything as well as knowing where everything is on the day of your race!

  1. Suit and extra suit

  2. Towel and extra towel. Large chamois towels work great to use after every race to dry off. Then your larger, fluffy towel stays dry and provides extra warmth.

  3. Cap and goggles. And extras! Both seem to break at the most inopportune times so always have a spare of both on hand. It’s good to keep the extras in your parka pocket for any last minute behind-the-blocks emergencies too.

  4. Parka (or large robe). Pool decks can be really cold and it’s hard to stay warm in a wet suit for hours. Even if the pool deck is warm, you need to retain warmth to keep your muscles loose. Swim parkas are designed to provide warmth as well as keep out wind and rain. When purchasing, select a large one that will not only grow with you but provide extra space for layering. They are well worth the investment. A chilled swimmer with tight muscles can often lead to injury!

  5. Hydration

  6. Sharpie for writing heats and lanes

  7. Snacks

  8. Log Book

  9. Music or activities

  10. Flip flops 

  11. Ear plugs or ear drops

  12. Sunscreen (seasonal)

  13. Extra change of clothes


What not to bring: money, valuables, swim equipment