August 2022
Friendships born on the field of athletic strife are the real gold of competition. Awards become corroded; friends gather no dust   -    Jesse Owens

As we send our seniors off to college and our swimmers take the final few weeks of August off for vacation, we hope that you enjoy your time with friends and family!

The Coaches & Staff at Novi Sturgeons and Novi Athletic Club
From the Programming Office
The 2022-23 Sturgeons registration packet has been emailed to those swimmers that have participated on our 2021-22 team and are still active members throughout the summer. Those swimmers that left our team for the summer as well as new swimmers that joined this summer will be receiving their applications on or before August 10. Submit your applications to the Sturgeons [email protected] or you may drop it off at the front desk. You will receive a confirmation email within a few days of submitting your application. Questions? Please contact Karen at the previous mentioned email.
Mark Your Calendar
Upcoming Events

Fall Season Begins Tuesday, September 6!

Sturgeons Fall Kickoff Picnic & Team Photo
Sunday, September 11 - 12:30-3:30


Friday, 10/21 - Sunday, 10/23 - OLY Fall Classic

Friday, 11/11 - Sunday 11/13 - Turkey Bowl

Friday 12/2 - Sunday 12/4 - LCSC Snowball Splash

Friday 1/13 - Sunday 1/15 - Odd Age Classic

Late January TBD - Circle City Classic

Friday, 2/3 - Sunday, 2/5 - LCSC Polar Plunge

Saturday, Feb 11 - Guppy Bowl

Friday, Feb 10 - Sunday, Feb 12 - Michigan Open

Championship Meets TBD

From the Coaches
Meet Season!

Summer Recap

 It has been a busy summer with lots of meets and swimmers travelling all around to compete! 

Novi Sturgeons were represented by Kinsey Green, Maya Hawkins, Amelia McGrew, Rafi Syed, Zaria Sayed, Maria Tosta, and Alice White. It was a successful meet for all swimmers with lifetime bests for many. Zarif had five top 8 finishes ( 50 Fr 3rd, 100 IM 7th, 100 Fr 7th, 50 Fly 7th, 200 IM 9th), Kinsey placed top 8 in six events (50 Fr 3rd, 100 IM 7th, 500 Fr 4th, 200 Fr 3rd, 100 Fr 4th, 200 IM 5th), Maria placed top 8 in two events (50 Fr 14th , 100 IM 10th, 200 Fr 9th, 100 Fly 5th, 100 Fr 12th, 50 Fly 5th),  Rafi placed top 16 in two events (15th 50 Fr), Amelia (100 IM 9th, 100 Bk 13th), Maya 200 Br 4th, Alice (200 Br 11th). 

Michigan ULTRA Meet
Matt Deterzous, Ben Hu and Katherine White participated in the Michigan ULTRA Meet in Elkhart, IN. Even though it was a small crew, there were big swims from the three! Matt (100 Br 1st, 400 IM 6th, 200 Br 2nd), Ben (200 Bk 6th, 400 IM 8th, 100 Fly 7th, 200 Fr 10th, 200 IM 7th), Katherine (400 Fr 9th, 50 Fr 13th).

Speedo Sectionals
Six Sturgeons athletes travelled to Cleveland State University this July to compete in the Speedo Sectionals Meet. Nolan Ebel, Connor Halberg, Ryan Halberg, Jacob Mowers, Sierra Newton, and Emily Roden and Katherine White. For many, it was the first chance to compete at a National meet. Connor (200 Fr 15th), Emily (200 Fr 9th, 100 Fly 7th, 50 Fly 12th, 200 Fly 1st). 


Kotoko Blair, Emily Roden and Nick Suranyi participated in the NCSA meet against many of the nation's top athletes. Coach Bob state "I'm very proud of how positive and supportive they were through the meet. It was a great meet and a great experience for everyone". Kotoko (50 Free 11th place), Nick (200 Fly 15th place), and Emily (200 Fly 2nd, 100 Fly 6th). With almost 1000 swimmers participating in the meet, it was an amazing display of our Sturgeons talent and training!


In The Pool
Monthly Featured Swimmer
Alice White

I started swim lessons when I was 3 years old. I started swimming on the Novi Sturgeons when I was 8 in the Junior 2 group. I will be 11 in July.

My favorite stroke is breaststroke and my favorite events are the 200 IM, 200 breast, and 100 breast. 

One of my favorite memories from the Sturgeons was when I swam the 200 Breaststroke and got the 11/12 girls state cut.  I also got the national cut for 10 and under in the 100 breast the same weekend. The best part of being a Sturgeon are the coaches and the fun and encouraging people that cheer for me.  I can't wait to find the next Dollar Store and have fondu in the hotel lobby at the next travel swim meet with my teammates.


Weight Loss
By Coach Ana

I don’t know about you, but I’m personally so excited to be covering this topic. I know it comes up A LOT during the year and especially during the swim season. Several of you, I have talked to about making adjustments to your diet in between seasons, if it’s a major shift. During the season, we can make minor changes depending on your personal goals. 

To be clear- under no circumstance should a swimmer be eating less than 1200 kcals per day. This will cause hormone imbalances, fatigue and mood swings. Consuming less than 1200 kcals per day, will cause our muscles to start breaking down because they are starving, ultimately undoing all of the work that is being done to build strong muscles.  

 So often, in our quest to achieve unrealistic perfection or keep up with the kid in the lane next to us, we think that we need to extreme diet (ehem- Keto), eliminate carbs and sugar, cut calories or just restrict ourselves from food and workout more, without the best understanding of weight gain and how to appropriately burn fat. 

 We jump into any diet without addressing the cause of the weight gain. If it was simply from eating poorly, eating too many carbs without the balance of fat and protein, or just plain eating too much, then a diet could do the trick. But so often, it’s more comprehensive and all the diet does is make us more frustrated. This is exactly why I will always focus on feeling healthy as opposed to seeing numerical results. The more focused you are on feeling healthy, the better those results will be, and the weight loss will come. Many of you have already personally experienced this! 

Here are the keys to weight loss:

  • Consistency - this is the same no matter what program you try. The goal is to do a program that is sustainable and working for your whole body, on a cellular level. We always say that we want you to get to day 30 and think there is no turning back!

  • Balancing blood sugar - When our blood sugar is balanced, we are burning fat as fuel and this is stored fat. While fat loss sometimes seems slow, it’s steady as long as you’re following the principles of combining macros and eating every 3-4 hours. 

  • Food Logging - This helps you become completely aware of your choices as well as how they make you feel. Grab a good food journal and get started if your goal is losing weight. 

  • Resistance Exercise - the results on the scale may be slower, but improving our muscle tone will lead to more fat loss in our trouble areas. Give yourself 4-6 weeks to really see results, but you should feel them in the first week! Resistance training should give you an instant dopamine boost. So it’s a win, win when you go to dryland!

  • Hydration - If you haven’t already, I highly recommend adding an electrolyte daily to help with improving your hydration as well as your sodium, potassium and magnesium balance. Please be mindful that in order to see long lasting results, you need to drink at least half of your body weight in ounces in water.

Remember, this isn’t about a calorie or carbohydrate deficit. This is about utilizing the nutrients to the fullest and making them work for you. With a carb deficit, you can expect to see an elimination of water weight, which is why performers and body builders do this temporarily, but reducing water inhibits other areas of the body and can cause more harm than good. 

While this process can and will work for weight loss, it may take longer than some dieting approaches. But going back to the beginning, it works for ALL systems in the body and will heal you while it is working. Often we accumulate extra fat in our body mass as a protection mechanism. For example, if our liver gets too backed up and sluggish, innately, fat will begin storing under our skin in our belly area. This is to protect our livers and the same happens to our hearts and other vital organs. This can be caused by high cortisol, chronic poor diet, genetics, unstable blood sugar, prediabetes and so forth. Imagine how dangerous a traditional diet could be when you have underlying issues that you may or may not understand. Hopefully this information helps you to trust and respect the process for better commitment and consistency to your long-term goals.

On Deck
Team Tie-Dye!