May 2022
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From the Programming Office
Spring: We are planning to remove the air structure from the pool on approximately May 23. We will keep you updated as to the exact date once we get closer. Senior team practice will be held at the Novi High School pool, Monday thru Friday from 3:15-5:15pm for the period of May 23 - June 17; Saturdays from 8-10:30am remain at the Novi Athletic Club pool. Senior team dry land training on Tuesday and Wednesday from 5:30-6:15pm is held at the area.  All other team practices (State and Junior 1, 2 and 3) will be held at the Novi Athletic Club pool at their scheduled practice times. Be sure to bring warm clothing to put on after your swim in case of cool air temperatures. 

Summer practice schedules: Practices move to the morning hours at the Novi Athletic Club starting the week of June 20. Emails were sent out this past weekend detailing your swimmer's schedule for the summer. If your swimmer is NOT joining us for the summer, you must contact us no later than 5/23/22.  If you didn't receive an email, please contact Karen at 248-735-8850 x112 or [email protected].
Mark Your Calendar
Upcoming Events
Wednesday, May 11 - Senior & State Team
Dryland testing! Please try to be at your regular dryland practice!

Wednesday, May 18, 6pm
Sturgeons Banquet at Northville Hills Golf Club

Friday, May 20 - Sunday, May 22
USSC May Invite at Waterford Kettering 

Saturday, June 4 & Sunday, June 5
BGSU June Invite at Bowling Green State University
Entry Deadline 5/10/22 - CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Friday, June 17 - Sunday, June 19
OLY Summer Classic at Oakland University
Entry Deadline 5/18/22 - CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

Monday, June 20
Summer Training Schedule Begins

Friday, June 24 - Sunday, June 26
USSC at Waterford Kettering - SC
Entry Deadline 5/31/22- Registration Info Coming Soon.

Friday, July 8 - Sunday, July 10
OLY Grizzler Sizzler at Oakland University
Entry Deadline 6/10/22 - Registration Info Coming Soon.

July 22 - August 7 
Summer Championship Meets 
More information coming soon!
From the Coaches
Training Tips

What is your Backstroke Breathing Pattern? 

Coach Kris Goodrich

It seems like an easy question but when I ask most swimmers, even elite backstrokers, they either don't know or have to swim a few laps to answer the question.

If I were to ask you the same thing about freestyle, butterfly, or breaststroke, you should be able to answer right away. "I breathe every 3 for free" or "one up and one down for fly" for example. Why is it different for backstroke?

Even though we're swimming on our back and our face is out of the water, all swimmers know that even during backstroke our face has water in it a large part of the time. Because of the splash and submersion, many swimmers end up holding their breath until they feel the need and gasp for air. Is this the best way to swim backstroke? What if you did that during the other three strokes? Would you be able to work as hard?

The answer is no, it is not the best and most efficient way to swim backstroke. Your body has a need for oxygen on a regular basis, especially in practice or longer events. Your stroke also needs to be timed correctly to be efficient and be able to swim fast. If you didn't exhale in the water on freestyle, you would need to both exhale and inhale when you turned your head to breathe and many stroke errors would arise. When holding your breath in backstroke for too many strokes, we start to get into an oxygen debt and also a slower stroke rate as we gasp in a large breath of air!

Next time you swim backstroke, pay attention to how you breathe. Are you holding your breath? Think about blowing bubbles as you exhale but instead of into the water, you are blowing them into the air or water splashing into your face. Now, are you breathing every 2nd, 3rd, 4th stroke or even more? Try to pick a regular pattern just like freestyle. Inhale on your right arm, exhale on your left arm for example. Another option to try is every 3 like your freestyle bi-lateral breathing pattern.

It may take a little focus during your next couple of backstroke sets, but keep working on that backstroke breathing pattern. If you didn't like backstroke before, you may find it a lot more enjoyable to swim when you actually get some air!
In The Pool
Monthly Featured Swimmer
Kotoko Blair

Favorite event: 100 Breaststroke

Words of Widsom to the team mates: If you want something, work for it. No one is standing in your way.

I started swimming when I was 7 on a minor league swim team in Pittsburgh PA. My dad (who was a former swimmer) wanted me to get into the sport too. When I moved to Novi in 2015 I immediately was put on the Sturgeons.

It wouldn’t be for another 2 years before I actually fell in love with the sport. But along the way I made lots of friends with whom I’ve only gotten closer with over the years. Every killer practice we have is a little more tolerable when I’m with my teammates. I’m going to miss them a lot when I go off to college this fall. I’ll be attending Northeastern University and will join their swim team. I am super excited to start this next chapter of my life but sad that this current one is coming to a close. While I plan to come back to the Sturgeons for the summers, my short course seasons with them have come to a bitter sweet ending.

My team and coaches mean everything to me and I’m so grateful to have been able to spend so many wonderful years with them.

In the Gym
Dryland Workout of the Month
Warm Up
Scorpions x 10
6 Point Star Extensions x 10
5 Cat Cow
5 Bird Dogs
Half Camel x 6 (ea side)
Plank to Down Dog x 10

30 Min AMRAP
Pulse Goblet Squats
Eccentric Push Presses
DB Bent Over Row
DB Wrist Rotation + Curl
Dips (Adv. Alt Leg Lift)

Cool Down- Min. 30 sec ea.
Seated Hamstring Stretch
Camel Stretch
Double Quad Stretch
Runner’s Lunge
For Your Body
Nutrition Tips & Recipes
Eat 5 Colors a Day!  
Coach Ana Paolini
RedYellow & OrangeGreen, Blue & Purple, White & Brown
If you’ve spent any time on deck or attended a nutrition clinic, you’ve heard this saying a dozen times. The reason this is so important is because fruits and veggies get their individual characteristics like color, smell, and texture from special compounds found in plants called phytochemicals. Each phytochemical has its own set of nutrients which research has shown to be associated with various health benefits. Generally speaking, different colored produce will give you different nutrients and thus potential health benefits to go with them.

CLICK HERE to read all about each color on Sturgeons website!
Bright Berry Orange Smoothie
Serves 1

1 Cup frozen mixed Berries
1/2 cup zucchini or summer squash
1 orange
Big handful of baby spinach
1/2 cup full fat cottage cheese or plain greek yogurt 
(Coconut yogurt + collagen peptides and 1 TBSP hemp seeds for dairy free)
1 TBSP chia seeds
1 scoop collagen peptides (optional)
1 TBSP Mary Ruth Organics Liposomal Vitamin C (optional)
8 oz of milk
Ice, if desired