December 2022
Swim meets are a great way to test your limits and see how the things we work on in practice help us to swim faster. If you have not yet swam in a meet this year, we encourage you to sign up for a meet in January. Swim meets are a not only a requirement of the team, but a fun way to socialize and meet new friends in between races.

When registering for a meet, the coaching staff is always available to select events for your swimmer. Please make a note in the 'Comments' section of which day your swimmer is available to swim and anything else that may be relevant. If you do not select any events, the coaches will make your selection for you on the days and times you are available. 

For younger swimmers, please make sure that they are arriving on deck with their events written on their arms. It is much easier if you write them on their NON dominant arm so they can use their writing hand to fill in their heats and lanes when published. A sharpie should also be in their swim bag for meets. For more information, please read our  Swim Meet 101 or  packing list for more information.

We have had some great cheering for all our teammates so far this season and we're proud of our swimmers for the great teamwork they show. Also, a special shout out to our older swimmers helping out our younger swimmers on deck at the meets - thank you so much for all your help!

The Coaches & Staff at Novi Sturgeons & Novi Athletic Club
From the Programming Office
SWIM CAPS - All swimmers should wear Sturgeons swim caps at practice and at meets. To order caps, send an email to: [email protected] with the color and number of caps requested. Caps are one size fits all. Current stock: black with single green sturgeon, black with single pink sturgeon, black with multiple smaller green sturgeons. (Black with multiple smaller blue sturgeons is sold out.) Once your order is filled, you will receive an email that the order is available to pick up at the front desk. A charge of $14.84 (includes tax) per cap will be placed on your house account.

USA MEMBERSHIPS - If you haven't done so already, please register your swimmer with their USA swimming membership as soon as possible. 
This membership is required for all Sturgeons swimmers. A reminder email was sent to you recently with a tutorial/directions. Please allow some time when registering and use a computer (not your phone or tablet) when completing the process.

USA Swimming recommends that you complete this process before the end of the calendar year!

Questions should be directed to Karen at 248-735-8850 x112.

Mark Your Calendar
Upcoming Events

No practice 12/24, 12/25, and 1/1/2023. Christmas Schedule coming soon!

Friday, 12/2 - Sunday 12/4 - LCSC Snowball Splash - Livonia Rec Center

Friday, 1/13 - Sunday 1/15 - Odd Age Classic

Friday, 1/27 - Sunday 1/29 - Circle City Classic - MUST HAVE CUT TIMES - Entry Deadline 12/09/22. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

Friday, 2/3 - Sunday, 2/5 - LCSC Polar Plunge

Saturday, 2/11 - Guppy Bowl

Friday, 2/10 - Sunday, 2/12 - Michigan Open

Tuesday, 3/14 - Saturday, 3/18 - NCSA Spring Championships - Orlando, FL - MUST HAVE CUT TIMES

Friday, 3/17 - Sunday, 3/19 - ULTRA Championship Meet - MUST HAVE CUT TIMES - Location TBD

Friday, 3/24 - Sunday 3/26 - MAGS 14 & Under Championship Meet - MUST HAVE CUT TIMES - Location TBD

Swim Meet Fun!
In The Pool
Monthly Featured Swimmer
Emily Roden
Class of 2023

Favorite Event: 200 Butterfly

Future Plans: Swimming at The University of Missouri; Major undecided 

I have so many memories from my time at Sturgeons, but one of my favorites is game weeks. After a long season we get to all come together and play many different games together like water polo or sharks and minos. It's always fun to get to play as a team and do something other than swim. We get really competitive but have a lot of fun. 

My advice for younger swimmers is to keep working hard. You are truly capable of anything you set your mind to as long as you work hard. Build friendships with your teammates and push one another to be better every day. Live in the moment and try your best to enjoy it because time goes by faster than you think. 


Recovery: Hydration
By Coach Ana, CSN, CPT

Much like sleep, there is a biological explanation as to why a human will die after 2 -3 days without water.

Our bodies are composed of > 70% water. We lose a significant amount of fluids throughout the day just existing and breathing and even more while we are exercising.

Hydration is what stabilizes changes in body temperature when we exercise. Hydration is also what stabilizes the function of all organs of our bodies beyond just our kidneys and adrenals. Hydration is most important for stabilizing brain function. Thus, there is a reason why in the face of heat exhaustion, a loss of focus, attention, and ability to speak are three primary symptoms and why in the face of heat stroke, loss of consciousness is common.

The golden rule is 8 oz. every 30 - 60 min under temperate conditions (< 72 degrees Fahrenheit) and 12 oz. every 30 - 60 min in hot and humid conditions (> 85 degrees Fahrenheit and/or 70% humidity). Swimmers must pay particular attention to hydration status, especially because you don’t experience sweating the same way that other sports do. Dynamic changes in adrenal tone leading up to or during the stress of intense training and competition require more fluid balance within the body and lead to greater fluid loss.

It is important that you are familiar with the color of your urine, as it is a great indicator to your hydration status. 


The sensation of thirst is triggered when the body is already 2-3% dehydrated? Athletic performance is consistently reduced when hypohydration meets or exceeds 2% body mass loss, including a noticeable decrease in strength, power and anaerobic endurance, compromised cognitive function including: task performance, reaction time, short-term memory and mood state. 


When you sweat, valuable electrolytes are lost and should be replenished immediately. Electrolytes lost in sweat include: sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium and magnesium. Replace these by increasing salt in one’s diet, using an oral rehydration solution such LMNT or Drip Drop and/or utilizing sports drinks when rehydrating.


Each athlete should have a hydration plan in order to achieve optimal performace:

Two to three hours before exercise: drink approx. 16 oz. • 15 minutes before exercise: drink 8 oz. • During exercise: drink enough to limit dehydration • After exercise: drink 16- 24 oz. for every pound lost • Sodium can be added to foods or replaced with a recovery drink.