November 2022
It's been a great start to our season so far with some fantastic swimming in October. This month sees the boys heading off to high school season as well as the return of the high school girls. Good luck to our Sturgeons swimming in the Girls' High School State meet November 18 & 19! For our younger swimmers, if you have not had a chance to attend a meet, we highly encourage you to attend next month's Snowball Splash at the Livonia Rec Center. It is a great meet for beginner swimmers and close to home as well. Information and entries will be available on the website soon!

When registering for a meet, the coaching staff is always available to select events for your swimmer. Please make a note in the 'Comments' section of which day your swimmer is available to swim and anything else that may be relevant. If you do not select any events, the coaches will make your selection for you on the days and times you are available. 

The deadline for the Snowball Splash is tomorrow, Friday 11/11. Don't forget to register your swimmer!

The Coaches & Staff at Novi Sturgeons & Novi Athletic Club
From the Programming Office
If you haven't done so already, please register your swimmer with their USA swimming membership as soon as possible. This membership is required for all Sturgeons swimmers. A reminder email was sent to you in recently with a tutorial/directions. Please allow some time when registering and use a computer (not your phone or tablet) when completing the process.

USA Swimming recommends that you complete this process before the end of the calendar year!

Questions should be directed to Karen at 248-735-8850 x112.

Mark Your Calendar
Upcoming Events

Friday 11/11 - Sunday 11/13 - Turkey Bowl

Friday 11/18 - Sunday, 11/20 - Braun Meet @ Spire
13 & up, MUST HAVE CUTS,

THANKSGIVING BREAK - No practice 11/24, 11/25 & 11/26


Friday, 1/13 - Sunday 1/15 - Odd Age Classic

Late January TBD - Circle City Classic - MUST HAVE CUT TIMES

Friday, 2/3 - Sunday, 2/5 - LCSC Polar Plunge

Saturday, 2/11 - Guppy Bowl

Friday, 2/10 - Sunday, 2/12 - Michigan Open

Tuesday, 3/14 - Saturday, 3/18 - NCSA Spring Championships - Orlando, FL - MUST HAVE CUT TIMES

Friday, 3/17 - Sunday, 3/19 - ULTRA Championship Meet - MUST HAVE CUT TIMES - Location TBD

Friday, 3/24 - Sunday 3/26 - MAGS 14 & Under Championship Meet - MUST HAVE CUT TIMES - Location TBD

From the Coaches: Coach Kris
Your Mindset

How was your day?
If you sit down at the end of your day and reflect on your activities, what comes to mind? Pick three things that you remember from the day. Were they ‘good’ or ‘bad’? Often we tend to remember or select the negative parts of our day as opposed to the positive things we did. Did you choose the things you did or the things you did not do?

For athletes, much of our training is based on measuring our gains or improvement. It is easy to fall into the mindset of ‘what didn't I accomplish today’ versus ‘what gains did I make today’. Learning to look at the positive instead of the negative can change every aspect or your life or your training.

How was your race?
As a swimmer, we often do the same thing when it comes to our races. The first place we look at the conclusion of our race is the clock. If our time was faster, then we immediately think it was a good race. If it was slower, then it must have been a bad race.

By thinking of your race solely in terms of the time, we leave out any other possibilities in between good and bad. The clock also doesn’t take into account any other factors or race conditions we may have experienced that affected your swimming. Sleep, nutrition, training period, pool depth, speed of your heat, water temperature, and illness are just a few of the many factors that may influence the time that was on that clock.

What did you accomplish?
If we start to look at each race by what we did do, not what we didn’t, we start to retrain ourselves to measure the small gains we make each time we compete. 

Did you swim a ‘good race’ in execution? By this, did you execute all the technical aspects that you have been trained to do by your coach? I.e. streamlines, breathing pattern, dolphin kicks, pacing, finish, etc. If you had a race plan and executed it perfectly, then that is a great accomplishment! After you have looked at what you did correctly, then take a look at areas that may have room for improvement. 

Where are you today?
Being realistic about where you are physically also helps to see your successes rather than failures. Are you at a different place in your season training plan than you were when you achieved your faster time? Your body could be very different physiologically and not as well prepared for racing. A great example of this is after a big taper meet or a return to swimming after a long break. Did you go to school all week, have extracurricular activities, swim several hard practices and then expect to swim a weekend meet with personal bests? Your body needs rest and recovery as well as training to perform at its best.

Again, how was your day?
Let’s go back to our original question and answer it with a positive perspective. Give yourself a pat on the back for three things you did well today. Next, make it part of your daily routine to reflect and reward your accomplishments instead of your failures. Use that technique when training or racing and learn to enjoy each success and joy that comes along with our sport of swimming!

In The Pool
Monthly Featured Swimmer
Jacob Mowers
Class of 2023
Favorite Event: 100 Breaststroke

Words of Wisdom:
Always work hard and listen to your coaches, especially when you don't want to.


Recovery (A 4 part series)
By Coach Ana

Stay tuned for Part 2 in December!