To:  OLY Families
Re:  Oakland University Identification Cards

As guest users of the Oakland University (OU) facility, we are required to show an OU/OLY identification card upon entry.  All swimmers must present this card, or you will be denied access to the facility.  To gain access without a card, you will need to request that an OLY coach be called.  PLEASE remember your card so that our coaches can remain on deck coaching instead of commuting between the pool deck and the OU front desk. 

Your first card will be issued free of charge.  If you lose your card, you will be responsible for the $5.00 fee for a replacement card.  To receive a replacement, you will need to contact the OLY OU ID coordinator and give them a 1” x 1” headshot. 

Parents and guardians, you also need an OU/OLY identification card.  Your card will not have a photo so you may/will need to show a picture ID to enter the OU facility.  Anyone that will be bringing your swimmer to or from practice will need a card.

Please do not leave anything in a locker, either locked or unlocked.  OU has requested that our swimmers take all items out on deck with them, and that our swimmers change only in the aisle closest to the showers.  This is for all swimmers, all ages.  This is to minimize inconvenience to other recreation center patrons.

If you have questions about this policy, please feel free to contact the OLY membership coordinator at [email protected]


Helpful hint:  Attach your identification card to your swim bag like a luggage tag!!


We would like to clarify to all OLY members that OLY issued IDs are for entry into the Recreation Center for scheduled OLY swim practice only.  Parent IDs are issued only to allow parents to facilitate their children entering and exiting the facility. 
If parents wish to use the athletic facility (walking/running track, gym, exercise area, pool, etc…) you may purchase a daily guest pass or membership at the front desk.   Memberships include access to the facility during normal operating hours and access to over 20 different group exercise classes.  Facility includes the pool, hot tub, fitness center, locker rooms, basketball and racquetball courts, table tennis, and track.  Go to  for more information.
If you have any questions please contact the OLY membership coordinator at [email protected] or Marie VanBuskirk, OU Membership Coordinator at 248-370-2663 or [email protected]