Parent Participation Program

Parent volunteers are a vital part of the OLY Swimming program.  There are many opportunities to get involved.  Working at meets, which are a major source of club income, is a great way to get started!  Chairing or co-chairing a committee, becoming a parent representative for your child’s age group, or helping to organize service projects for the senior swimmers are just a few of the other ways to participate.
All families are expected to participate in the volunteer program.  This program is vital to the success of our OLY Swimming hosted meets. Each family has a minimum session requirement annually for OLY hosted meets.  These requirements represent the MINIMUM expectation for each family and everyone is encouraged to participate at a higher level.  All volunteer efforts will be tracked online.  
Families are expected to work at meets, EVEN IF THEY DO NOT HAVE A SWIMMER PARTICIPATING.  Each meet session worked is applied towards the total number of sessions required for your family annually. The income earned when we host meets plays a significant role in helping us to meet our budget and keep our monthly fees competitive and as low as possible.
Any sessions not worked to meet the minimum requirement will be billed at a rate of $50 per session at the end of the accounting cycle. Also, if you  sign up for a volunteer session but do not show up to fulfill that commitment, you will be billed $25 for each session for which you signed up for but failed to fulfill your commitment.These charges will be automatically applied to your April 1st billing cycle.  If you leave the team before April 1st, you must pay these charges before your account is closed.

Family Sessions Requirement (April 1 - March 31)

Meet Sessions per year
(minimum required)
Senior Team  (9 workouts)
4 sessions
High School
(Girls and Boys)
2 sessions
Senior Team  (6 workouts)
4 sessions
Junior II
3 Sessions
Junior I
3 sessions
2 sessions
Single parent families
must be arranged at time of registration. Contact [email protected]
50% of required sessions
New families who register on or after 6/01/22 but before 10/1/22
Senior Team (9 workouts) –4 sessions
High School (boys & girls) - 2 sessions
Senior Team (6 workouts) – 4 sessions
Junior II – 3 sessions
Junior I – 3 sessions
Tech – 2 sessions
New Families who register after 10/1/22 until the end of short course season.
Senior Team (9 workouts) – 2 sessions
High School (boys & girls) - 2 sessions
Senior Team  (6 workouts) – 2 sessions
Junior I &  II– 2 session
Tech – 1 sessions

 Your group is determined by the placement of the most advanced swimmer in your family.  

  • Swimmers who move into Technique from Swim School in the middle of the short course season have no required meet hours or grocery commitment for the remainder of the short course season.  The following season (starting April 1), they are required to fulfill the full annual commitment.
  • Swimmers who move into Technique from Swim School in the middle of the long course season will be required to fulfill the obligations listed under "Families who register on or after 6/01/22 but before 10/01/21" for the remainder of the short course season.
The OLY Swimming program retains the right to review and adjust the hourly reward system as necessary.
OLY will post a database on the website which will allow each family to track the hours they have accumulated.  The hours will be tracked and published online.
  1. Volunteers must work the entire meet session to receive credit.  Please do not ask to leave after your child’s last race.
  2. Graduating Seniors/College – When your senior graduates after short course you are no longer required to participate in the volunteer program.  However, we would appreciate any volunteering you are able to do at our summer meets.  See the grocery/SCRIP page for college information regarding that program.