PA Tech swimsuit Policy

As we approach our Championship meets please adhere to the following tech suit guidelines. These have been developed over years and are used in order to help long term athlete development and ease financial concerns (there will be plenty of time later to buy an expensive suit).

Note: we are a Speedo team, so when we wear tech suits they MUST be Speedo. Please do not feel obligated to go out an buy a tech suit, you can always wear your regular team suit.

8 & unders (Guppy Cup)

No tech suits, please wear your regular PA team suit.

Junior Cup:

10 and unders  (including 8 and unders) may wear a teach suit (no legs). The classic record breaker style is the type of suit. Again, no legs for 10 and unders.

11-12: Any 11-12 who either

a) has a NCSA age group cut, or

b) has a state qualifying time, or

c) is close to a state qualifying or NCSA cut

may wear a tech suit which has legs (to the knees)

all other 11-12 year olds may wear a regular tech suit (record breaker style- no legs)

Sr. Cup:

all 13 and overs can wear any tech suit they would like (legs or no legs)

State meet/NCSA:

10 and under- tech suits with no legs

11 and over: any style tech suit (legs or no legs)