USA Swimming Information:

Welcome to the PAC USA swimming page! We now have links to the Michigan and USA Swimming websites for those who are new to  the program. We also have links to information on the Short Course Season, Michigan Swimming Meets, as well as the USA Swimming A/B/C Age Group Times. We encourage all swimmers and parents to review these sites.
USA meet Participation is open to all members of the club!

We are opening up the USA meet schedule to anyone interested in giving USA swimming a try.  If your swimmer is curious about the USA program but isn’t ready for the intense practice schedule, we are inviting you to join us at the meets this fall.  Listed below are the guidelines and fee schedule:

  • You must register with USA swimming.  An annual membership is $85 and will be good through December 2022.  Applications are available at the pool and on  Please let one of the coaches know if you are interested in swimming USA meets. We need to register you prior to meet entries being submitted.
  • You must pay your meet fees.  The cost is typically $6 per event and a swimmer can enter up to 4 events per day.  If your swimmer chooses to swim two days at the meet and swims a total of 8 events, the cost would be $48.
  • A coaching fee of $10 per swimmer per day will be added to the meet fees for any swimmer NOT registered with our USA/Select group.  This includes our two and four day per week swimmers.  The coaching fees will be collected by the club and paid to the coaches in attendance at the meet.  The maximum coaching fee charged will be $25 for those swimmers attending a meet for the entire weekend (Friday, Saturday, Sunday). 
  • The meets are held at indoor pools during short course season.  During long course season (summer) meets are held at both indoor and outdoor pools. They are very different from our PAC dual meets.   All USA meets are self marshaled and require swimmers to take responsibility for themselves.  Parents are not on deck making sure swimmers get  where they need to be.   Your swimmer must be willing to stay on deck during the meet without your guidance.  Coaches are on deck to help the swimmers get to their events.
  • USA meets are a great way for swimmers to gain some experience competing at a different level.  Yes, this is how the great swimmers get started!
  • Please ask if you need more information!

Check our events page for a list of USA meets we will be attending this summer.

Michigan Swimming Website: Meets & Results

Michigan Time Standards for: Junior Olympics and State Qualifying Times 

USA A/B Motivational Times:  National Age Group Times for Long Course & Short Course Events

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