This is a pre-team/skill development program for elementary school-aged swimmers. 

Before enrolling in Mini Cruisers, swimmers must: 

  • Be able to swim 25 yards of freestyle with side-breathing. 
  • Be able to swim 25 yards of backstroke. 
  • Be comfortable in deep water. 
  • Be comfortable in a small group setting with 5-12 other swimmers. 
  • Be interested in competitive swimming!

In Mini Cruisers classes, swimmers will:

  • Learn & develop proper stroke technique in all four competitive strokes. 
  • Learn & develop racing skills like competitive turns and breakouts. 
  • Learn & develop swim practice organizational skills, terminology, and common practices. 
  • Practice fundamental endurance and sprinting skills. 

NEW! To Join Mini-Mini Cruisers classes, swimmers must: 

  • Be able to swim 25 yards independently, without stopping, in any manner. 
  • Be comfortable in deep water. 
  • Be comfortable in a small group setting with 5-12 other swimmers. 
  • Be interested in competitive swimming!

NEW! In Mini-Mini Cruisers classes, swimmers will: 

  • Learn & develop streamline flutter kick & basic freestyle with side-breathing. 
  • Learn & explore aspects of the other competitive strokes (backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly). 
  • Learn & explore skill that bridge learn-to-swim into competitive swim: diving, underwater streamline kicking, competitive turns, and racing skills. 

Organization & Logistics

During the school year, MC classes run on a regular weekly schedule and are billed on a month-to-month basis. Enrolled swimmers will be automatically re-enrolled in the same class(es) each month until they choose to opt out or until the session ends. During the summer, swimmers will enroll in a more flexible, a-la-carte style session. 

Classes are generally 55 minutes in duration. Most weekday classes run in one or two lanes with up to five swimmers per lane. Some weekend classes will run in three-four lanes. Our goal is to provide 1-2 coaches for up to 12 swimmers. 

Make-up classes are not guaranteed, but we do try to provide make-up opportunities when possible. Existing/full classes will not be overcrowded to accommodate make-up swimmers. 

The Development Team is coordinated by Cruisers Head Coach Josh Morgan and overseen & organized by Development Team Head Coach Susan Pickerman. Development Team practices may be coached by one of our full-time, professional coaches or by one of our junior coaches. Our junior coaches are experienced club and high school swimmers who enjoy sharing their knowledge and enjoyment with the next generation. 

Development Team Swim Meets

About once per month, Cruisers will host a Development Team meet at Canton HS pool on a Saturday afternoon. Swimmers are encouraged to explore the competition arena in a structured, educational environment. Swim meets will be communicated to enrolled swimmers.

2022-2023 Pricing

  • $50 annual membership
  • $100/month base for one class per week
  • $160/month base for two classes per week (via discount)
  • $220/month base for three classes per week (via discount)
  • Monthly fees are adjusted based on the actual number of classes offered each month. 

Registration via Captyn software, link below

  • Registration is instantaneous for classes with openings; your swimmer will be on the roster for the next scheduled class. 
    (If you register for a Tuesday 6pm class at 4pm on that Tuesday, you will be on the roster for that evening's class.) 
  • Join a waitlist for a class that's full and we'll contact you when an opening is available. 
  • Request withdrawals and class changes through the registration platform. 
  • You will be automatically enrolled in the same class from month to month until you withdraw or the session ends. 
  • Billing is at the beginning of the month. 





Contact Coach Susan via email at [email protected]