Greater Kalamazoo Crocs  

PAC (Portage Aquatic Club) is a year-round swim team offering instruction to aspiring swimmers to reach his or her full potential in competitive swimming.  Instruction begins with basic swimming skills, sport introduction, fitness and speed training, and elite training.  Any level swimmer can fit into the training program depending on age, background and skill.  We offer four training groups to meet the needs of all swimmers - Premier Elite, Contender, Pioneer and Junior.


Premier: Premier swimmers have decided that swimming in High School and College is something that they would like to pursue. These swimmers will commit to a full regiment of practices with the intent of getting ready for High school season or making a College team. Ages 11.5 and up by recommendation only. 


Contender: Contenders are swimmers who have developed the skills of all four strokes and have decided that swimming is something that they would like to commit a little more too. Contenders will begin seeking a higher level of competition and also begin to learn how to train like contenders. Local and Regional competitions are available for these groups. Ages 9-12


Pioneer: The Pioneer group is intended for newer 12 and under swimmers that are interested in bettering their skills and are discovering if swimming may be a sport that they would like to continue. The pioneer group will have an INTENSE focus on developing skills needed to swim all four strokes, starts and turns. Local competitions are available for this group. Ages 12 and under


Jr. team: This is the beginning level for all swimmers that are getting started in the sport. This program would also be appropriate for swimmers who would like to learn more about swimming and trying developmental meets to gain a better understanding before moving to the more competitive side of swimming. Much of the focus in this group will be on learning proper technique in Freestyle and Backstroke. This program will incorporate local Southwest Michigan Swim league Meets and other developmental, very fun and low-key swimming competitions. The goal is to provide both swimmers and their parents an opportunity to gain a better understanding of swimming before doing the higher level USA Swimming meets. It will also gauge their child’s success/progress and interest in swimming.