Registration groups are Premier, Contender, and Pioneer is available now.  See Practice Schedule Tab for scheduling.  Registration can be done through Portage Public School Enriched For Life located at  You may also call 269-323-6700.

Pioneer or Contender - Stroke Clinic -

Premier - - for Premier Select and Dryland


PLEASE DISREGARD ALL INFORMATION IN THE PPS  EFL MAGAZINE AND ONLINE that is advertised for December for JR, PIONEER, and CONTENDER!! Those descriptions are ONLY if we cannot move to KVCC.   Events occurring after the stroke camp will be available as soon as we get locked into KVCC..  WE INTEND TO MOVE OUR JR. TEAM, PIONEER TEAM, and CONTENDER TEAM to KVCC beginning in November and the schedule listed as December in the EFL magazine and online are NOT necessarily the schedules for the November groups.  We are going to try to follow the schedule below when we move to KVCC, but need to get confirmation before we advertise a SET schedule.  

Pioneer - M, T, W 6:00-6:45PM at KVCC

Contender - M, T, W 6:45-8:00PM, Th 5:30-6:45PM at KVCC

Junior - M, T, W 5:30-6:00PM at KVCC

Drill work - Th 6:45-7:20PM at KVCC

Drill work - Th 7:20-8:00PM at KVCC




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