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Sept 2020

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9/4/20 - 9/13/20

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9/4/20 - 9/13/20

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Welcome to the Portage Aquatic Club!  Our swimming team is a year-round developmental team and a Nationally recognized team both for its competitive aspects and as a Safe-Sport team. 

The last two days have been filled with arranging swimmers into groups as SEVERAL HS girls backed out of their commitment to PAC on Thursday afternoon after the Governor's announcement that indoor pools will open.  I have spent hours shifting, calling and emailing parents to fill the positions precisely so as not to raise the fees for the empty slots of these swimmers.  Below you will find a link to registration and the recommended AND Confirmed position for each swimmer. 

The Governor's decision really has NO bearing on PAC for the month of September because we do not have indoor pool access.  However, it may play some roll in how we proceed in October.  KVCC has said that they will allow rentals beginning in October.  There are SO many variables in October that I will need to contemplate before we move into October.  Primarily.. price and numbers.  Indoor pools have more restrictions with numbers and the prices are higher.. Stay tuned. 

 Swimmers this first Month (due to COVID) will not be following our Normal group names, instead are being broke into 4 new groups.  The purpose of the new groups is to provide as close to homogeneous groups as possible.  Green, Orange, Yellow, and Blue.  ALL GROUPS HAVE BEEN PRE-DETERMINED and are listed below. Due to the uncertainty of the season, we are doing a Month to Month registration.  Once your swimmer is registered there will not be any refunds.  Fees will cover swimming for the weeks of Sept. 8 through Oct. 4.  There are two dates that there are some changes...

There will be NO practices on Saturday Sept. 12th due to a prior pool function at the Country Club. 

There will be NO Blue team practices on Sept. 24 due to conferences for Coach Parker.

This summer PAC began using a new form of technology with the swimmers that swam in Indiana.  It is recommended that swimmers in groups Orange, Yellow, and Blue purchase the technology.  The technology can be found here. (the 2.0 model is FAR superior to the 1.0 model) I highly recommend the 2.0 version.  This is the schedule:




New USA swimming registration is Mandatory for swimmers that do not have a valid 2020 registration and renewal is recommended for all returning swimmers that have a 2020 registration for the new 2021 season.  This year the USA registration fee is $82.00 and is sent directly by our team to USA swimming.  Please fill out all of the questions completely during registration and PAC will handle the transfer of payment to USA swimming as the fiduciary. 

Practices: Parents will not be allowed onto the pool deck or into the locker room at the Country Club.  The Country Club has requested that parents drop their swimmers off at the entry gate and then exit the premises.  Only Green team parents will be allowed to stay, but are recommended to drop off and leave as well and stay in their cars.  This will be the least intrusive way to allow the actual patrons of the country club a place to park and be undisturbed.  We are trying to be as "invisible" as possible.  The following will be strictly enforced...

**Do not loiter at the fence or near the pool

** Swimmers wear masks in and out of the pool area

**no more than 4 swimmers per lane (two at each end of the pool)

**Swimmers should have 2 pairs of Goggles already fit to their face in case one pair breaks

**Swimmers with long hair should wear a swimming cap (latex or Silicone) and also have a backup.

** NO CHANGING IN THE LOCKER ROOMS swimmers should wear their swimming suit to the pool under their clothes and be prepared to put their clothes over their suits after toweling off (NO EXCEPTIONS) Locker rooms are for emergency restroom use only.  


Overview of Programs

Swimmers are placed in groups based on ability. Coaches will make all decisions on group placement and move-ups.

  1. The underlying philosophy for all groups is progression.  The goal is to have swimmers acquire specific, competitive swimming skills and characteristics at each level.  The outcome will be well-rounded swimmers with exceptional skills.  All swimmers will progress at different rates, and this is taken into consideration when designing practices.
  2. Swimmers progress to the next level when they exhibit the necessary skills.  The following are taken into consideration: proficiency of skills, attendance at practice and meets, age, maturity and goals.  Each group may have a range of ages and abilities.  Placement in a group is the sole discretion of the coach.  Coaches will put swimmers into lanes based on their ability.
  3. Typically, the first three levels of our club (Junior Crocs, Pioneer, and Contender) emphasize learning all four competitive strokes proficiently.  Being proficient in all four strokes at a young age is beneficial for many reasons.  It allows for more options later in his or her career, lays a solid muscular and neurological foundation, and helps the team when he or she can do more than one stroke.  It isn't until later in a swimmer's career that he or she may begin to specialize in a certain stroke.  While swimmers may excel at certain strokes and distances, the emphasis is on swimming the Individual Medley (IM - a race in which all four strokes are swum by the individual). 
  4. The next two groups of club, Premier and SENIOR BLUE, begin to emphasize the benefits of training and how it relates to performance.  The emphasis of conditioning will still be the Individual Medley.  Premier will spend more time than Senior Blue on technique, but training cycles also become a part of practice.  Once swimmers reach the Senior group, the emphasis begins to shift toward conditioning for peak performance in meets and training to reach the Senior level.  The season is systematically planned with specific phases to maximize swimming potential.  Swimmers in these groups are motivated to improve his or her own skills, and this is reflected by a high level of attendance.  
  5. Senior swimming is for the committed athlete, who places a high priority on training for peak performance.  Swimmers in this group are placed into lanes/groups based on his or her goals and commitment levels.

Below is a brief description of each group and expectations:

Junior team-The emphasis of this group is to learn the basic skills necessary for competitive swimming: legal four strokes, flip turns, starts, etc, and strive for SWMSL meets.



  1. Ty Kristin Parker
    Head Swimming Coach- Portage Aquatic Club
  2. "If it is important to you, you'll find a way.  If not, you'll find an excuse."
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