2020 Rockford Riptide Board

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Executive Committee


President - Josh Zandstra

  • My name is Josh Zandstra and I am proud to be a #girldad!  My wife, Sarah, and I have 2 daughters.  Our oldest, Rylee, is a sophomore at RHS and is a multi-sport athlete.  Our youngest is 12-year old Julia and she is the Jellyfish of the family who has been a Riptide swimmer for 3 years.


  • I work as the general manager for iSS – Total Rack Management, where I oversee all aspects of the business and our 65 employees.  Managing this company has been both challenging and rewarding.  I have enjoyed working with smart and dedicated people to make our company successful while being a great place to work.  I hope to take advantage of this experience when working with the talented and devoted members of our Club. 


  • I have over a decade of experience as a youth sports coach and I’ve continued my interest in being involved in my girls’ activities by becoming an official for USA Swimming.  I have greatly enjoyed learning about this sport and spending time on deck with these incredible young athletes.  Serving on our Parent Board was a chance to help contribute to the continued success of this Club that provides such a terrific experience and opportunity for our kids. 


Vice President - Tom Scott

  • My name is Tom Scott and I have two daughters.  My oldest is a sophomore at Central Michigan University and my youngest swims for Rockford Riptide.  Taylor (15) has been with Riptide since September 2012.  I’ve learned a lot over the past 8+ years and will work as part of a team to carry on the tradition of the club.  I believe new ideas and parent involvement is key to improving this club and making it sustainable.


  • I currently work at Gentex Corporation as a development Engineer. I have a strong work ethic and am consistently looking for ways to make the product, process, and equipment better to improve the bottom line. I bring this same drive and energy to the board. I hold a Bachelor of Science from Central Michigan University and a Master of Science from Grand Valley State University.


  • To me volunteering and giving back is a priority. I have spent a lot of time with the Kids Food Bank and channeled my passion for biking into helping to build and run Team Speed Merchants (a running, triathlete, and bicycle race team). I’m privileged to bring this experience to a club that has given so much to my daughter and so many swimmers. Swimming is such a great sport that teaches our kids to make and meet goals, while at the same time working hard to achieve them. I believe these are great life lessons. I also believe this club can only be as good as the effort put into it. I welcome others to volunteer in some form to help this club improve and give more opportunities for the swimmers and parents of Rockford Riptide.


Treasurer - Katie Gordon

  • My name is Katie Gordon and my husband, Matt, and I have three amazing boys Qwintin (11), Kasin (9) and Kyptin (7).   Our oldest Qwintin has been swimming for Riptide for almost 5 years.


  • I work for MAISD as a teacher consultant.  I have been a teacher consultant for 5 years and previous to that I taught special and general education for 10 years.  I absolutely love working with both adults and children to help them find their strength/barriers and working towards finding great success.  I have a bachelor’s degree in special education from Aquinas College and a master’s degree in K-12 Administration from Western Michigan.  In my spare time I love playing soccer on a summer league, Glamping, attending sporting events, and family time.  I have served as the board treasurer for the past year and I am excited to see the great things yet to come for Riptide.


Secretary - Katie Rackiewicz   

  • My name is Katie Rackiewicz, our daughters have been swimming for Rockford Riptide for the past 7 years since moving to Rockford, Michigan from St. Paul, MN!  I have served various roles on the Riptide parent board for the past 4 + years, with a current position as the board secretary!  I love volunteering — working with peers, collaborating with coaches and creating a program that is sustainable and fun for all our children!



Board Trustees


Trustee - Sara Cook

  • My name is Sara Cook. I have 2 daughters who have been involved in Riptide. My daughter Olivia currently is a level 3 swimmer. My older daughter, Samantha, was a swimmer and now dives for the RHS swim and dive team. As a family, we have been involved with the Riptide program for several years. I believe I would be able to use my years of experience as a swim parent to help in the advancement of the Riptide program as we move toward the future.


Trustee - Michael Pierce 

  • Michael Pierce has been a proud Riptide parent for the last two years.  He and his wife Jennifer have lived in Rockford for the last 18 years, and have two swimmers in the program, Evan, age 11 and Emma, age 9.  He and Jennifer have seen leaps and bounds in both of their children in just the short period of time with the program, helping them develop and grow as individuals.  Michael is a pool rat and is invested in the success of his children and the program as a whole.  Michael’s background is in IT, and spans both the corporate operations space and Professional Service Sales and operations space.  He is looking for the opportunity to bring his knowledge and experience to the table to assist with helping grow the club and building up our foundation for the future successes of all of our swimmers, in the pool and in life.



Our Next Board Meeting:

  • June 2021 - TBD

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