Coach Liz Stone - [email protected]

  • Coach Stone started swimming competitively at age 11. 
  • "In my decade of competitive swimming, I had the honor and privilege to represent Team USA in 3 Paralympic Games (Athens '04, Beijing '08, London 2012)"
    • Earning a silver medal in Beijing & 2 bronze medals in London! 
  • Studied recreational Therapy & Psychology at Calvin University
  • When not on deck, she enjoys hanging out with her dog, longboarding, running and watching the Michigan Wolverines. 
  • Check out some video Highlights of Coach Stone in action:








Coach Mike Moss - [email protected]

  • Coach Moss started swimming competitively at the age of 8, a late starter compared to his granddaughter Ally. 
  • Coach Moss swam in a YMCA program in East St. Louis, IL through High School.  His YMCA club were consistently contenders in the district, state and national scene. 
  • Coach Moss High School did not have a swim team except for one year, when he officially quit the YMCA and joined the High School swim team, of which he was the only member. In that one year Coach Moss went to both Districts and State. After that, Coach Moss officially quit the High School team and rejoined the YMCA team. 
  • Coach Moss began his coaching career after a car accident, which prevented him from swimming for several months. His YMCA coach made him the assistant coach over the younger kids to keep him involved. One of those kids was Tom Jager. Here is a quickie bio of him:


  • Thomas Michael Jager is an American former competition swimmer. He is five-time Olympic gold medalist in relay events, a two-time World Championship individual gold medalist for the 50-meter freestyle, and a former world record-holder in two events. Jager set the 50-meter freestyle world record on six occasions during his career. He held this record for over ten years from August 1989 to June 2000.

  • Coach Moss was Tom's first ever coach and was a part of developing this Olympian's early career.
  • Coach Moss also swam competitively in his freshman year at Illinois State. 
  • He has coached multiple summer club teams over the years, including additional duties teaching swimming lessons, training lifeguards and managing pools.
  • He also swam in a Masters program and pretty much has never been away from the sport in one form or another.
  • Coach Moss was thrilled when Ally turned out to be a natural and wanted to participate.