Tentative Schedule  2023


Please email or call us to schedule a tryout or request for more information.  

Phone: 248-762-2697

Email: [email protected]



Tentative Schedule September & October November-July Pricing
Lamphere      M-F      
Novice 1 7-7:40pm 6-6:40pm $85.00/Month; $935 annual
Novice 2 7-7:50pm 6-6:50pm $95.00/Month; $1045 annual
Intermediate 7-8pm 6:50-7:50pm $120.00/Month; $1320 annual
Junior 1 7-8:15pm 6-7:15pm $135.00/Month; $1485 annual
Junior 2/SRC 7-8:30pm 6-7:30pm $145.00/Month; $1595 annual
Senior 7-9pm 6-8pm $165.00/Month; $1815 annual
Lamphere Saturday Practice   Registration Fee:
Junior 1 11-12:15pm   $225.00 Due at registration
Junior2/SRC 11-12:30pm   (Includes USA  Membership,
Senior 11-12:30pm   Team T-shirt and Team cap)
Franklin.       M-TH September-March Pricing ** ALL Franklin Friday practices are held at Lamphere
Novice 1 5:50-6:30pm $85.00/Month
Novice 2 6:30-7:20pm $95.00/Month  
Intermediate 6:30-7:30pm $120.00/Month  
** We are trying to secure the pool time for 6:30 during September and October, If we cannot and have to start at 7pm, there will be slight changes.