Team Fees 2019/20 SCY Season (September 9 - March 20)

  • Novice: $560 ($70/month)
  • Novice 2: $630 ($78.75/month) 
  • Intermediate: $805 ($100.63/month)
  • Junior: $945 ($118.13/month)
  • Senior: $1085 ($135.63/month)
  • High School Girl $775(96.88/month)
  • High School Boy $620($77.50/month)
  • ** The prices listed above are the cost of each group for the entire season. For your covenience we also offer the option to break the payment up monthly. The monthly price listed is if you register in August. If you are Registering in September, the monthly payment will change (will be broken up into 7 months instead of 8). **HS girls, If you wait to register until after high school season, the price is still the same, but the payment will be broken up into 5 payments.

All groups must pay a registration fee of $215 annually which includes:

  • USA Membership Fee
  • Michigan LSC Fee
  • Royal Swimming Admin Fee
  • Team Shirt and Cap

** Annual registration fee is in addition to team fees.