Swimmers interested in joining the team should pass a coach try out, then will be asked to complete below forms to be returned by email electronically to coach or [email protected], after which a link will be sent for you to register with USA Swimming.


Please follow these guidelines when applying to prevent delay of registration process:

1. Please type the information into the registration checklist.  Handwritten versions cause errors and will not be accepted

2. Multiple swimmer family needs to fill in forms for each swimmer. 

3. Please do not send checks with applications!

4. Submit completed forms electronically. (email to coach or [email protected]

If you have any problems completing the forms, please let us know and we will assist you. 



Registration Checklist

Concussion Awareness

Participation Agreement

Information Release Agreement

Forms Link (click here)


After the forms are submitted and the swimmer is accepted into the team, an invitation link will be sent and the swimmer must register with USA Swimming as the final step.


A swimmer will be officially registered with the team when all above steps and all initial payments are completed.