NEW MEMBERS: Please complete entire registration packet and return your materials in a closed envelope to the Sailfish head coach. Please mark “Registration Packet” clearly on the outside of your envelope along with your name.

You may also mail completed packet and payments to:

Sailfish Swim Club, P.O. Box 59, Walled Lake, MI 48390-0059

PLEASE NOTE: Swimmers may be withheld from participation for any incomplete registration materials, missing forms, signatures and/or payments. It is a requirement of membership and the responsibility of each member to have complete and up-to-date registration materials on file with the team at all times.

RETURNING MEMBERS: If your account information has not changed and you have previously provided the items required for membership, you do not have to fill out the entire packet.

RETURNING ACCOUNT NAME: _________________________________________________ RETURNING SWIMMER(S): ____________________________________________________ Please provide the following:

_________ USA Swimming Registration Form and payment $80 (one for each swimmer) _________ $150 Annual Family Registration Fee (to be drafted from your account) _________ Any new materials now required.
Please check below which applies and provide any updated information if necessary. _________ Please keep account and billing information the same.

_________ Please update my account with new information I have provided. THANK YOU for supporting Sailfish Swim Club

Sailfish Registration Packet Swimming Excellence

Registration Checklist:

The following completed forms are required for Sailfish Swim Club membership:

_________ 1. Membership Form and Emergency Health Forms – SIGNATURE Required _________ 2. Sailfish Terms and Conditions for Participation – SIGNATURE Required _________ 3. Sailfish Rules and Code of Ethics – SIGNATURE Required
_________ 4. Sailfish Team Travel Policy – SIGNATURE Required

_________ 5. Sailfish Electronic Communications Policy – SIGNATURE Required _________ 6. Sailfish Publicity Photos/Video Waiver – SIGNATURE Required _________ 7. Check payable to Sailfish Swim Club
_________8. $150 Annual Family Registration Fee

_________9. First Month Payment Per Swimmer
_________10. Credit Card Authorization – SIGNATURE Required

_________11. USA Swimming Registration Form (one for each swimmer) – SIGNATURE Required

_________12. $80.00 for USA / Michigan Swimming registration annual fee (one for each swimmer)

_________ IF TRANSFERRING FROM ANOTHER CLUB – MS Swimming Transfer Form (provided upon request) ($5)

For questions regarding registration, please contact Sean Oxner, [email protected]

Sailfish Registration Packet Swimming Excellence

Please print clearly.



Parent(s)/Guardian Name: ________________________________________________________

Relation to swimmer: ________________________________________________________

Home Address: _________________________________________________________________

City/State/Zip: _________________________________________________________________

Cell Phone: ________________ Home Phone: ________________ Work Phone: ________________

Primary Email:
Additional Email:
Athlete Email (Senior swimmers only):

PAYMENT OPTIONS (check one):

____ Annual Draft (signed authorization/voided check attached) ____ Monthly Draft (signed authorization/voided check attached)

NAME ON CREDIT CARD: _________________________________________________

Credit/Bank Card Account Number: ______________________________________________

Exp. Date_________________ CVC (3 digit code on back of card)_______________

I hereby authorize the above named Financial Institution to pay my monthly Sailfish Swim Club bill (including monthly dues, meet fees, team assessments, processing fees and other authorized items) by charging each payment to my credit / bank card and to make that deduction payable to the order of Sailfish Swim Club. I agree that each payment shall be the same as if it were an instrument personally signed by me. This authority is to remain in effect until revoked by me in writing. In addition, I have the right to stop payment of a charge by timely notification to my Financial Institution prior to charging my account. I understand, however, that both the Financial Institute and Sailfish Swim Club reserve the right to terminate this payment plan (or my participation therein).

Signed: ___________________________________________ Date: ___________________

Sailfish Registration Packet Swimming Excellence

SWIMMER #1 Name: __________________________________________________________________

Last First Middle Preferred Name: ______________________ Male: _____ Female: _____
Date of Birth: ____/____/_____ Age: _____ T-Shirt Size: ______

School/Grade: ________________________ Sailfish Group: __________________________ Important Personal Information (Medical Conditions):

SWIMMER #2 Name: __________________________________________________________________

Last First
Preferred Name: ______________________ Male: _____ Female: _____ Date of Birth: ____/____/_____ Age: _____ T-Shirt Size: ______


School/Grade: ________________________ Sailfish Group: _________________________ Important Personal Information (Medical Conditions):

SWIMMER #3 Name: __________________________________________________________________

Last First
Preferred Name: ______________________ Male: _____ Female: _____ Date of Birth: ____/____/_____ Age: _____ T-Shirt Size: ______


School/Grade: ________________________ Sailfish Group: ___________________________ Important Personal Information (Medical Conditions):

SWIMMER #4 Name: __________________________________________________________________ Last First Middle

Preferred Name: ______________________ Male: _____ Female: _____
Date of Birth: ____/____/_____ Age: _____ T-Shirt Size: ______ School/Grade: ________________________ Sailfish Group: _______________ Important Personal Information (Medical Conditions):

Sailfish Registration Packet Swimming Excellence


Please fill out one for each swimmer.

Swimmer: ___________________________________________________________

Age: ___________

Parent/Guardian: __________________________________________________________________

Phone: (h) ___________________ (w) ___________________ (c) ___________________

Relative/Friend: ___________________________________________________________________

Phone: (h) ___________________ (w) ___________________ (c) ___________________ Physician: ____________________________________________________________________ Phone: ______________________
Is swimmer allergic to anything? _____ Yes _____ No

If yes, please list:

Has the swimmer had a history of seizures? _____ Yes _____ No If yes, please explain:

Please list any health problems which your swimmer’s coach should be aware of (i.e. asthma): Is your swimmer on any type of medication? _____ Yes _____ No
If yes, please list:

Health Insurance Company: ______________________________________________

Policy No: _______________________________ Group No:______________________________ PHONE NUMBER:_______________________________

In the event of a medical emergency, and I/we cannot be contacted, I/we hereby grant unto and appoint a member of the Sailfish Swim Club coaching staff, or their designated representative, the authority to sign any and all medical releases as may be required by an admitting hospital to perform emergency treatment for the welfare and health of my/our child.

Parent/Guardian Signature: _________________________________________________________________________________

Sailfish Registration Packet Swimming Excellence


1. All fees are non-refundable.

2. Sailfish Swim Club monthly dues are drafted on the first (1st) of each month. Drafts cannot be stopped unless notice is given by the fifteenth (15th) of the month prior in writing to the head coach.

3. Meet fees are in addition to the monthly dues. Meet fees will be drafted after the meet sign-up deadline and prior to the meet start date. Non-payment of meet fees may result in non-participation of the meet.

4. Commitment periods: ANNUAL COMMITMENT – team membership for all groups are on an annual agreement, from September through August of the following year. All membership fees and dues remain an obligation to the team should a swimmer transfer, move, be removed or quit for any reason prior to the end of the annual commitment. Should a monthly swimmer need to withdraw from participation for a month or more, notice of such withdrawal must be made in writing to the head coach by the fifteenth (15th) of the month prior to the time of departure. CURRENT STATUS – As a swimmer is moved from one group to another, the commitment period for the highest group in which they currently participate is in effect.

5. Should a swimmer transfer, move, be removed or quit for any reason prior to the end of the swim year on August 31, monthly dues and any other outstanding fees are considered an obligation to Sailfish Swim Club and due upon termination of participation.

6. All Sailfish swimmers are expected to regularly participate in swim meets and to adhere to the training and attendance requirements of their current training group.

7. All Sailfish swimmers are required to participate in their highest level of qualified championship meets such as State Meet and other higher-level meets deemed important by the head coach on a seasonal basis (Sectionals, Zones, NCSAs, Futures, JR & SR nationals, etc). Failure to participate may result in termination of membership.

8. Each swimmer is required to participate on relays for Sailfish Swim Club.

9. Any payment returned to Sailfish Swim Club for Non-Sufficient Funds will be subject to a $25.00 additional handling charge.

I understand and agree to the above terms and conditions of Sailfish Swim Club in exchange for the privilege of my child(ren), registered with this form, to participate in the activities and swimming program of Sailfish Swim Club.

Signature of Parent or Guardian _____________________________________________ Date _______________________________

Printed Name of Parent or Guardian: __________________________________

Sailfish Registration Packet Swimming Excellence


Registration Fee:

Sailfish Swim Club annual registration fee is $150.00 per family per year. If joining the team after March 1st, the registration fee is $70.00 per family for the rest of the year (thru August 31).

USA Swimming Membership:

All Sailfish swimmers are required to join USA Swimming which provides provisional insurance coverage and allows swimmers to participate in sanctioned USA Swimming activities. All swimmers must pay the annual USA Swimming registration fee upon registering for the team to cover the swimmer through the swim year ending the following August 31. Swimmers who have not paid will not be allowed to swim or participate in Sailfish activities.

The annual non-refundable fee is $78 per swimmer.

Payment and registration form must be included with registration materials to the team – do NOT mail to MS Swimming.

It is the responsibility of the swimmer to make sure their USA Swimming registration is current and in good standing when participating in USA Swimming sanctioned activities and meets. Any fines assessed for not being registered (such as entering a meet unregistered) will be assessed to the swimmer and drafted upon notice of fine.

Swimming Dues: The membership dues requirement for ONE SWIMMER is subject to their particular group fee per month. Sailfish offers each family two payment schedules for membership dues.

Option 1: ANNUAL PAYMENT, includes a discount for full payment of annual dues (12 months) to be drafted in one payment. All swimmers paying ANNUAL PAYMENT are on an annual commitment agreement regardless of the swimmer’s group. Annual payment is nonrefundable. Should a swimmer leave the team prior to the end of the annual commitment, the annual payment will NOT be refunded.

Option 2: MONTHLY CREDIT / BANK CARD DRAFT, 12 monthly payments of the group fee for the first swimmer. For families with more than one registered swimmer, Sailfish offers the discounts for multiple participants: ***ANNUAL AND MONTHLY DUES ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.***

Billing: Sailfish Club Team monthly dues are drafted on the first (1st) of each month. Drafts cannot be stopped unless notice is given by the fifteenth (15th) of the month prior in writing to the head coach. Meet fees and other payable fees will be drafted as due. Members can view account charges by logging into their account on the team website.

Meets: Meet fees are calculated as follows per swimmer: Entry fees designated by the host for the meet for each swimmer. The remaining amount due is designated by the meet host and based on the number of individual and relay events entered, along with any event surcharges.

Commitments to meets on the team schedule must be made online through the Sailfish website under the event sign-up page by the designated deadline date. Swimmers can only un-commit prior to the deadline by selected to do so online.

Sailfish meet fees are non-refundable past the sign-up deadline date. Swimmers are responsible for fees associated with a swim meet even if having to cancel participation in the meet for any reason.

Sailfish swimmers are only allowed to participate in meets that are approved by the head coach. Head coach has final decision as to what events a swimmer will swim at all meets, including approved meets in which a Sailfish coach will not be attending. Once entries have been approved by head coach, a meet report will be emailed. All meet fees will be drafted prior to the meet. Meet fees that fail to process may result in the swimmer not being allowed to swim in the meet.

Consequence Of Non-Payment: In accordance with USA Swimming rules, Sailfish Swim Club may secure a court judgment against any member for non-payment of club membership dues and fees. Any swimmers involved are ineligible to join or represent any USA Swimming member club until all outstanding fees have been paid.

Sailfish Registration Packet Swimming Excellence


Members of Sailfish Swim Club must abide by the following Code of Conduct. When joining the team, members must agree to follow team rules and code of ethics. The actions of each swimmer and parent reflect upon the entire club. Sailfish swimmers are expected to act responsibly and exhibit appropriate behavior at all times. Sailfish swimmers are expected to behave in an exemplary manner. The following rules are in effect at all times:

1. Swimmers are expected to follow coach instructions at all times without being disruptive. 2. Swimmers are expected to maintain a positive attitude.
3. Swimmers are expected to come to practice regularly and focus on improving their abilities.

4. Swimmers are expected to take great care of their bodies, eating properly, staying hydrated and sufficiently resting as needed to aid in recovery.
5. Swimmers must ask coaches for permission before leaving practice or swim meets early.
6. Swimmers will swim all the events coaches enter them in at each meet to the best of their abilities.
7. Swimmers shall commit to teamwork and support the values of discipline, loyalty and hard work.
8. No swimmer or parent shall interfere with or undermine the seasonal goals of the team.
9. No swimmer or parent shall interrupt practice. Parents/relatives/guardians/visitors shall remain “off deck” during all instructional, training and competition times.
10. Any swimmer who is in possession or known to use alcohol, illegal drugs or tobacco in any manner is subject to disciplinary action and possible suspension from the team.
11. Any swimmer that willingly takes a banned supplement, whether it be a dietary, steroid and/or other illegal substance, or willingly uses a banned piece of equipment, including illegal swimsuits, is subject to disciplinary action and possible suspension from the team.
12. Any swimmer involved in stealing or vandalism of any kind is subject to suspension from the team.
13. No swimmer shall participate in any activity that is considered hazing, initiation or bullying.
14. No swimmer shall interfere with the progress of another swimmer, during practice or otherwise.
15. Taunting, splashing, name-calling and any other behavior considered detrimental to the team will result in serious disciplinary action.
16. Swimmers shall not display inappropriate affection toward each other during team activities.
17. Swimmers must be punctual to all practices, warm-up times and team meetings.
18. Swimmers must wear designated team suits and caps at all competitions and shall sit in the areas designated for the team. Deck changing is not allowed at any venue.
19. Swimmers shall demonstrate good sportsmanship, humility, grace and dignity at all times whether at practice or at meets, regardless of the outcome of a race or competition.
20. Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated at any time, even in jest. This includes inappropriate use of technology/media, language, gestures and physical behavior.
21. The head coach holds the final word on any rules, regulations or disciplinary actions.

All swim team members shall abide by these team rules which will help us meet our goals with respect to being good community representatives, improving our swimming techniques and times, developing socially and enhancing our swimming experience. I recognize my responsibility to abide by the rules and requirements of Sailfish. I am representing and I acknowledge that I have received and read such.

Swimmer(s): ________________________________________ Date ___________________ Parent/Guardian: ____________________________________ Date ___________________

Sailfish Registration Packet Swimming Excellence


Team Travel is defined as overnight travel to a swim meet or other team activity where the coaching staff and designated team chaperones transport and supervise swimmers for the duration of the trip. This policy does not apply to swim meets and team activities in which parents/guardians are responsible for travel plans, transportation and lodging; however, safety, proper judgment and responsible behavior is expected at all times as covered under team rules and code of ethics. Additional rules and policies may be established for designated team travel events. Being a member of any team trip is both a privilege and a responsibility, failure to comply with rules and policies may result in disciplinarian action.

With regard to TEAM TRAVEL, USA Swimming Required Policies:

a. Club travel policies must be signed and agreed to by all athletes, parents, coaches and other adults traveling with the club. (305.5.D)

b. Team managers and chaperones must be members of USA Swimming and have successfully passed a USA Swimming-administered criminal background check. (305.5.B)

c. Regardless of gender, a coach shall not share a hotel room or other sleeping arrangement with an athlete (unless the coach is the parent, guardian, sibling, or spouse of that particular athlete). (305.5.A)

d. When only one athlete and one coach travel to a competition, the athlete must have his/ her parents’ (or legal guardian’s) written permission in advance to travel alone with the coach. (305.5C)

Additional TEAM TRAVEL Policies:
a. Team travel members will display proper respect and sportsmanship toward coaches,

officials, administrators, teammates, fellow competitors and the public at all times.

b. Team travel members will refrain from any illegal or inappropriate behavior that would detract from a positive image of the team or be detrimental to our performance objectives.

c. Team travel members will follow team travel schedule, including abiding to curfews, room checks and lights out times.

d. During overnight team travel, if athletes are paired with other athletes they shall be of the same gender. Athletes 13&over may stay in rooms without chaperones provided chaperones or coaches are staying in nearby rooms. Athletes ages 12&under will stay with chaperones and consent shall be given by athlete’s parents or legal guardians.

e. Swimmers are expected to travel and remain with the team at all times during the trip.

f. The usage of cell phones, laptops and other electronic devices may be restricted by coaching staff.

I fully understand and agree to comply with Sailfish Swim Club Team Travel Policy.

Signature: _____________________________________________________________________ Date: _________________________
Print Name: _____________________________________________________________________

Sailfish Registration Packet Swimming Excellence


Sailfish recognizes the benefits of electronic communication and the prevalence of social media in today’s world. Sailfish regards social networking platforms as important tools for information sharing, member engagement, retention, recruitment, transparency, news releasing and the amplification of all that Sailfish has to offer. This electronic communication policy is meant to protect our athletes and coaches while applying as few restrictions as possible.

The content and intent of all electronic communications must adhere to the USA Swimming Code of Conduct regarding Athlete Protection as well as adhering to team rules and code of ethics. Sailfish holds all members who participate in social networking to the same standards we hold athletes and coaches with broad understanding that no matter the digital forum you are always representing the team. At all times, exercise discretion, thoughtfulness and respect for all swimmers and teams.

Parents, coaches and athletes must follow common sense guidelines regarding the volume and time of day of any allowed electronic communication.

Website/Email: The primary form of team communication occurs through team website and via email communications. Coaches are best reached via email and they will do their best to respond in a timely manner.

Texting: Texting is permitted between parents, coaches and athletes. Please keep text messages concise and cordial. In general, it is best not to text a coach during practice or while on deck at a meet. Please do not text a coach after the hours of 10:00pm or before 7:00am, unless a matter of the utmost importance and urgency. Please understand coaches may be unreachable at times and unable to reply.

Facebook and other social networking sites: Friending/following is permitted between parents, coaches and athletes. Posts and messages between coaches and athletes should be non-personal in nature. Sailfish maintains a private group page on Facebook and encourages all members to join. Posts within the group should be non-personal and nonpolitical and, above all, relevant to the team. Posts within the group are considered internal discussions and viewed as proprietary. Group administrators oversee and govern all group posts and admittances. Members and posts may be removed from the group page as deemed necessary.

Twitter: Following is permitted between parents, coaches and athletes. Sailfish values Twitter as an immediate news information platform and encourages members to follow all major swimming entities to keep current with the swimming world. Sailfish Swim Club can be followed @sailfishswim. I fully understand and agree to comply with Sailfish Electronic Communications Policy.

Signature: _________________________________________________________________ Date: _________________________
Print Name: ______________________________________________________________

Sailfish Registration Packet Swimming Excellence


Sailfish Swim Club often relies on a strong support system of parent volunteers to help run all our meets, events and team activities. Volunteers are the life-blood of any swim team and the backbone of our sport. Without parental involvement, there would be no swim meets as meets at every level require the coordinated effort of many volunteers. Your role as a volunteer is vital to the team and will have a great impact on your child's athletic environment. All Sailfish families are encouraged to volunteer over the course of the year at swim meets and other various team activities. You may simply just offer to help out while at an event or sign up on the website when signups are available. For team hosted events, families can choose a job assignment online from the various jobs posted for the event. At events hosted by others, Sailfish may be asked to provide volunteers (such as timers or officials at away meets). We appreciate everyone helping out and taking turns when volunteering. Volunteers should work the entire scheduled sessions for which they signed up for. Example: if you have signed up to work a session as a meet timer, you are responsible for timing that entire scheduled session. If you need to be relieved of timing, it is your responsibility to find someone to take over your position and fulfill your commitment. Please do not ask to leave the meet after your child’s last race if you have not finished volunteering the entire session. Failure to show up for an assignment for which you committed may result in being assessed a penalty fee as determined by the review and discretion of the head coach. It is vitally important that everyone show up on time and follow through with all volunteer commitments. A family’s volunteer commitment may be fulfilled by any member of the family or even a family friend. Some positions may have minimum age requirements and/or training requirements. Sailfish Swim Club Volunteer program is an honor system program. Sailfish leadership reserves the right to review and adjust the volunteer system as necessary. Sailfish is thankful and appreciative of the support of our great families. I fully understand and agree to serve as a volunteer of Sailfish Swim Club as required.

Signature: ____________________________________ Date: _________________________ Print Name: ____________________________________________________________

Sailfish Registration Packet Swimming Excellence


I understand that Sailfish activities have inherent risks and I hereby assume all risks and hazards incident to my and my child(ren)’s participation in all Sailfish activities. I further waive, release, absolve, indemnify and agree to hold harmless Sailfish Swim Club, its employees, sponsors, officers, directors, volunteers, and facilities used by the team from any liability arising out of any injury to the swimmers(s) listed above which may occur while the swimmer(s) is/are participating in Sailfish Swim Club program. This includes, but is not limited to, practices, meets, travel trips and all other team activities.

Print Name:
Family member names:


I understand that photos and videos are often taken at Sailfish Swim Club activities and events, and that any photos/videos taken of my child(ren) may be used for training, publicity and marketing purposes. In addition, I understand that any photos taken by parents, members, family, and friends shall not be used in any inappropriate manner.

Print Name: Date:
Swimmer names:

Sailfish Registration Packet Swimming Excellence