How do I register?  Complete the online registration and select the class you want your child to enroll.  Be sure to check the levels and ages.  Feel free to contact us if you're unsure what level or what class.  We are here to help.  Register anytime as our swim lessons are done on a perpetual (continuous) basis rather than session-based.  Lastly, the online registration will ask you to input your credit card information to collect the fees associated with your child's swim class.  You will then have an account and can access the parent portal. 

Why take swim classes year-round?  Safety is our number one priority as the number of drownings a year are always at the top of childhood deaths.  We want to help make your child safe in the water and teach them the proper way to swim the strokes.  Next we want them to learn to become a competent and efficient swimmer whether they want to join the swim team or be safe swimming in a lake or pool.

When do the swim lessons end?  A 30-day notice is required to cancel or suspend a swim lesson.  That being said, the lessons end when the child is ready to move into our competitive swim team where we have some of the fastest swimmers in the state and nation.

Cancellation of must be made 30 days in advance!  No refunds if not an advanced notice timeframe has passed.