Lead Group Coach: Alan Duski


The mission of the SST Bronze training group is to introduce our young swimmers to the exciting world of competitive swimming. Swimmers will experience a positive and enjoyable environment where they will continue to enhance their skills, including but not limited to; body alignment, head position, and kicking. The SST Bronze group aims to build, in its members, a long lasting interest in the sport of competitive swimming. 

In this group, swimmers will develop a strong technical base which will increase water safety and a likelihood for future success in the sport. Additionally, swimmers will be introduced to competition, training environment and meet behavior


  • Introduce Novice swimmers to a competitive environment; meet behavior, line-up reading and racing

  • Have fun everyday at the pool!

  • Swim legal 100 Individual Medley

  • Develop proper foundational mechanics in all four strokes as well as starts, turns and underwater phases

Target Meets

  • SST Fall Classic

  • Various competitions as chosen by the Lead Group Coach

  • Spring Championship Meet comensurate with swimmer's ability. 


  • Swimmers are strongly urged to attend a minimum of 75% of offered training sessions.  Those who attend more are likely to develop more quickly.

  • Arrive on time and prepared for all training sessions including team advocated training equipment.

  • Bring a positive attitude and open mind to all training sessions.

  • Swim in scheduled competitions as designated by the swim team staff.

PLEASE NOTE: The above listing should only serve as a rough criterion for selection to this group. Placement in this group is at the discretion of the Lead Group Coach and the Head Coach.