Club Squad

Lead Group Coach: Not currently running due to COVID 

* USA Swimming Membership is not included in registration cost of this group.


The SST Club Squad is designed for swimmers of Middle School and High School age who hope to exercise regularly with the goal of developing and maintaining physical fitness.

The SST Club Squad will combine land and water workouts to help swimmers build a more well-rounded athletic base. Swimmers will focus on overarching topics such as stability, mobility and progressive fitness.

The SST Club Squad will serve both multi-sport athletes and seasonal commitments.


  • Develop a symbiotic relationship between Coach and Athlete to help the swimmer accomplish their personalized goals

  • Expose young athletes to a healthy lifestyle including proper nutrition, consistent exercise and recovery planning

  • Teach proper stroke mechanics and develop biomechanical awareness inside and outside of the water


  • Attend as many sessions as possible

  • Attend sessions with an open mind and excitement for exercise

  • Respect the coaching staff

PLEASE NOTE: The above listing should only serve as a rough criterion for selection to this group. Placement in this group is at the discretion of the Lead Group Coach and the Head Coach.