Team Support Information

The team strives to provide a well-directed program for all its members. As part of our goal and in order to foster unity and stability during the crucial years of a child’s development, we encourage all parents to participate by helping with the team. This may be the greatest contribution you can make to your swimmer’s progress. As you will notice it takes many people to run a successful team. Many hands make light work.

Swim Meet Team Support and Job Descriptions

The success of a season and the various meets takes the coordinated efforts of EVERYONE working together. Each meet requires many volunteers to run smoothly. All families are required to provide at least 4 sessions throughout the season! These positions provide the best seat in the house and get everyone involved in the meets. PLEASE SUPPORT YOUR TEAM!

Volunteer job descriptions:

Admissions/ Programs - Collects money from those entering the meet, and program sales.

Announcer - Announces events, heats, results and other meet information.

Awards - Places labels on ribbons/medals and sorts awards by team; organizes medals to be distributed by winning athletes coaches during awards ceremony.

Clerk of Course (Scratches/Deck Entries) - Assist swimmers in filling out scratch cards and or signing up for and paying for daily deck entries for each session.

Concessions - Works with concession staff to set up and serve snacks, beverages, and lunch sold to spectators and swimmers.

Order of Finish - Marks down order of finish for the swimmers in each heat.

Floater - Fills in where needed at the meet. Requires flexibility. Check in with the volunteer coordinator.

Head Timer - Supervises the timers; prepares timing clipboards and watches; assists timers throughout the meet. 

Heat Winner - Hands out heat winners to swimmers after heats.

Hospitality - Works with hospitality coordinator to keep food stocked, set up for coaches and officials meals.  Responsible for checking on meet workers, timers and officials offering light snacks and water hourly.

Runner - Collect timers sheets after events, meet results and other meet information.  Posts results in upstairs hallway and on pool deck.  Requires a lot of walking including going up and down stairs.

Safety Marshal - Enforces warm-up/safety procedures and maintains order in the swimming venue. Ensures only authorized persons enter the pool area.  Position rotates between various locations during the meet session, including both on-deck and hallway positions.

Timers - On deck using stopwatches and backup buttons to record the time for each swimmer in a specific lane.

Team Support/Coach/Official Check-in - Checks in the meet Volunteers/Coaches/Officials.  Reports to the volunteer check in coordinator. 


Meet score keepers – At SMSL Dual meets ONLY. Helps to average times and assist timing system operator. 

Marshals – At SMSL meets ONLY. Helps to gather swimmers and prepare swimmers in an order for their events. Marshals ensure that all swimmers arrive at their appropriate lanes on time. Each age group will have several marshals at both home and away meets.

Head Marshal – At SMSL meets ONLY. Assigns lanes, combines heats, and works with all marshals to ensure steady flow of the meet.