Group Placements and Updated Training Schedule
posted Sep 8, 2013, 7:06 PM by Nicholas Munsell

Thanks for taking the time to read this note- I promise, these announcements will not be as time consuming in the future.
Firstly, I want to thank you for your support and patience while we carefully developed this year's program. As you well know, the program is undergoing a number of enhancements and changes. These adjustments have required a bit of extra time to get our program properly assembled.
Please know, we are sensitive to how busy your schedules are and appreciate your patience as we work to develop the best program we can. In the future, all pre-season registration and group placement will be done far in advance.
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General Information_Important .pdf Group Assignments_ Fall 2013.pdf Updated Group training plan Fall 2013.pdf

Parent meeting Review

posted Aug 30, 2013, 12:10 AM by Nicholas Munsell

It was so great to see everyone Wednesday night for the parent meeting. If you were not able to attend this email will contain all the information that was handed out at the meeting. We went over a lot of information at the patent meeting so please take the time to read through this information carefully. I will try to be brief in this email and give you the highlights but you will need to read through the documents to be fully informed about all the new happenings with the team.

The Agenda and The Power Point - These will help walk you through our presentation at the meeting. Big things to note:

    Our new Head Coach Jeff Gross
    Staff Contact info listed below (email is the best way to get in contact)
    Increased focus on USA Swimming
    New season planning and group structure

Cover Letter - This will walk you through the rest of the documents which are attached including information about Due dates and other reminders

If you have not done so already please be sure to register with Community Education 734-429-8020 or Salineonline.orgGroup placement - Next week will be our group evaluation phase of the season. All swimmers will have a two day evaluation with one day being a Time Trial and the other being a skills testing day. It is important to come to both days. New swimmers to the team and all those who where previously in a Green Group should attend Tuesday 9/3 and Wednesday 9/4 form 5-7 pm. Those previously in the Yellow or Blue groups should attend Friday 9/6 5-7 pm and Saturday 9/7 9-11 am. Swimmers group placements will be posted later in the day on 9/7.

Team Training Schedule (3), Equipment (4) & Calendar(5) - The team training schedule lists the practice times and days of the week for each group. It is important to note that due to home High School events we are unable to hold practice on some days. This is where you will use the calendar, which lists all the days we do or do not have practice. The equipment list is the equipment that each group's swimmers will need for practice on a daily basis.

    For the blue and Yellow groups this equipment is required.
    For the Green and Orange groups it will be nice to have especially if your child is enjoying the sport. There is equipment at the pool that they are welcome to use but we may not have enough of a specific size that your swimmer needs.
    Equipment can be purchased at at discount at Please use this link as the team will receive a percentage back that we will be able to invest back into the team!
    SMSL Meet Schedule (6) - Lists all the SMSL dual meets as well as locations for away meets.

Parent handbook (7) and policies (8) - These still in progress and will be posted on the website at a later date.

Emergency Contact Form (9) - This only needs to be filled out if: you are new to the team, your information have changed, or you have not been a member of the team for more than a year. If you do need to fill this out please return to the pool office no later than 9/16.

USA Registration Information, Meets and form (10) - As previously mentioned the team will have an increased focus on USA swimming. USA swimming will be a requirement for the blue group, strongly urged for the yellow group and open to any swimmer that is legal in all four strokes. A breakdown of the fees involved with USA swimming as well as a USA meet schedule is included with the registration form. All those registering with USA swimming should turn in their registration form with payment to the pool office no later than 9/16.

Photo Release policy - Please fill out and return no later than 9/16.

Team Suit & Suit Fitting - The team suit will be required for all team members. Sun & Snow will be holding a suit fitting at the High School Pool on Friday September 6th at 6 pm. You can also visit Sun & Snow any time to be fitted.

Thank you so much for joining us for what is going to be a very exciting season!

Mini-Rays Fall 2013 Pre season information

posted Aug 18, 2013, 8:56 PM by Nicholas Munsell

I would like to welcome you to the Fall 2013 Mini-Rays season. We are so happy to have you with us! In this email I will outline the first week of the season and give you everything you will need before we start.

Registration will Open Monday August 19th. To register call
734-429-8020 or register online at

Tuesday, September 3rd we will be doing our group placement/testing, they should be ready to swim at 6:00 pm. The testing will take about 30 min. afterwards we will tell you which group we are recommending and we will have a short parent meeting to talk about the season as a whole. The swimmers will start in their assigned group Wednesday, September 4th..

At the parent meeting you will also receive the season calendar and meet schedule which will give you all the meet and practice days and times. Not all the Mini-rays will participate in all the meets, we will address on an individual basis (more information about meets later in the season).

Fall 2013 Pre-Season & Frist Week

posted Aug 16, 2013, 10:04 AM by Nicholas Munsell

Hello Stingrays Families:

We are so excited to begin another successful season- please note, our staff is hard at work preparing the best possible program for your swimmers. In the meantime, please read this carefully, as it contains timely and important information regarding the coming season.

Mandatory Parent’s Meeting:

  • Wednesday, August 28th, 6 pm (Saline High School pool seating area)

  • Please join us for a detailed discussion of our plans for the coming season.

Group Evaluations:

  • Please note, we will be holding mandatory swimmer group evaluations. These sessions will be used to evaluate the proper training group and placement for your swimmer. Please kindly attend the sessions affiliated with your swimmer’s previous year placement.

  • Your swimmer should attend both sessions for their specified group.

  • We are in the process of revising the group qualifications and requirements which will shift some swimmers to different groups and allow for more effective distribution of the teams resources. (Details to be discussed at the parent meeting)

  • Group placement lists will be published Saturday, September 7th

Evaluation Schedule

New Swimmers & Green

Tuesday, September, 3rd 5-7 pm 

Wednesday, September 4th 5-7 pm




Yellow & Blue

Friday, September 6th 5-7 pm

Saturday, September 7th 9-11 am


USA Swimming:

  • This season will mark the beginning of a team-wide, expanded focus on USA swimming. More on this at the parent meeting as well. 

Training Schedule/ Land Training:

  • Please bear with us as we finalize the group training schedule. We are pressing hard to secure additional pool space; space, which would allow us to serve every swimmer’s needs and goals. We will publish a training schedule ASAP.

  • Land Training: you can expect to see land training added to the BLUE and YELLOW groups shortly

Team Suit Fitting (team suit required for all swimmers):

  • Friday, September 6th, 6 pm 

  • New swimmers & Green group are encouraged to come at 6 pm as the Yellow & Blue group will start their fitting when they are finished swimming at 7 pm 

  • If you can't make the suit fitting you can be fit for your suit anytime at:

Sun & Snow Sports
2471 West Stadium Boulevard
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
(734) 663-9515

New Stingrays Head Coach

posted Aug 13, 2013, 4:44 PM by Nicholas Munsell

Please join me in welcoming our new Stingrays and USA Head Coach, Jeff Gross.

Jeff comes to us with experience at all levels of swimming, a passion for the sport, a strong desire to grow our program and the ability to help all athletes of all ability levels take that next step with their swimming. Attached you will find a brief bio on Jeff.

Over the next few days and weeks you will be receiving all the information you will need regarding the upcoming season. These e-mails will be coming as quickly as possible.

I would also like to thank the interview committee for their time and efforts in this process and most of all for making Jeff feel welcome and supported.

Thank you all for your patience. We promise you a great season!

Banquet Recap and Winter Season Wrap up.

posted Mar 28, 2013, 7:00 AM by Nicholas Munsell

I wanted to send a quick note to wrap up the season and follow up the banquet form last night for those of you who could not attend. First congratulations to all the swimmers for all the hard work the put in and on winning their second straight SMSL championships!!! We couldn't be more proud. Second, a HUGE thank you to all the parents that helped out throughout the season and with the banquet last night, we really could not do it without your help! If you were unable to attend the banquet last night please make sure to stop by the pool and pick up your championship medals and/or ribbons and any other awards you may have received. You can find them in the family file folders located on the pool deck.

As discussed at the banquet our spring clinic will begin April 8th and runs through May 9th. I have attached the calendar for you and more information can be found on our website. To register; please call Saline Community Education 734-429-8020 or Click Here to register online.
Practice times are as follows:
Green 5-6 pm
Yellow 5-6:30 pm
Blue 5-7 pm
If you are interested in in USA swimming for the spring, summer or both please contact Coach Megan for more information [email protected]

Again thank you for a great season and congrats to all the swimmers! We hope to see you again for the spring clinic!