Long Course 2021 (Spring/ Summer) 

Join us for our Long Course 2021 season. We will be offering a variety of programming for a wide range of ages and ability levels. Our first official training day will be 4/5/21. The season will continue into July or August depending on meet qualifications. As you might expect practices will be very different than in the past. The health and wellbeing of our athletes and staff is our number one priority. Please see our policies and procedures for reopening. We will be enforcing strict adherence to the reopening policies in order to keep everyone safe. 

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Important dates to know


3/25 Group assignments sent

3/25 Registration for current members begins

4/5 Season starts 

4/5 Open registration begins

4/6 Welcome meeting 5:30 pm Zoom

4/7 New swimmer evaluations @ SHS 3:15 pm

4/9  New swimmer evaluations @ SHS 7:40 pm


Group placements/ Evaluation days

 Returning swimmers will receive an email with their group assignment. Once registration is open, this is the group you will register your swimmer for.


"New" swimmers (have never swam for the team OR swam for the team prior to Sept. 2020):

Please attend one of our group evaluations on Wednesday, April 7th at 3:15 pm, or Friday, April 9th at 7:40 pm. Pleast fill out this form at least 48 hours prior to evaluation. 


REGISTRATION: Registration for current swimmers (swam with us between Sept 2020 now) will open 3/25/21, Open registration will begin 4/5/21 A returning swimmer's spot will be held only until open registration begins, at that time we will take registrations on a first come, first serve basis until we hit our maximums. Due to COVID we have limited spaces in each group, please reach out before registering. 

Ideally all Participants should be formally registered by Monday, April 5th. No refunds will be given after 5/6/21.  Registration will remain open as long as space is available, please see contacts below to set up an evaluation time.


Group Descriptions

SeniorPlatinum |  Gold | SilverBronze


All Long Course registrations include swim cap, T-shirt and $100 meet splash fees. If your swimmer has not already been registered with USA swimming for 2021 an additional $82 will be billed for those registration fees.



1 Payment

2 Payments

Bronze Spring Only*

April 5-June 13

$150 to Reg

+ one payment of $170



$150 to Reg

+ one payment of $335

$150 to Reg

+ two payments of $172.50

Silver Spring Only*

April 5-June 13

$150 to Reg

+ one payment of $200



$150 to Reg

+ one payment of $360

$150 to Reg

+ two payments of $185


$150 to Reg

+ one payment of $545

$150 to Reg

+ two payments of $277.50


$150 to Reg

+ one payment of $565

$150 to Reg

+ two payments of $287.50


$150 to Reg

+ one payment of $595

$150 to Reg

+ two payments of $302.50


* Each swimmer (not included for Spring only) will have a "Splash" account created for them. From this account, we will deduct meet entry fees for USA meets throughout the season. The total number of meet fees for the season will vary based on the number of meets and events swum. We will collect $100 (per swimmer) upfront for this account (included in listed price). You will receive a monthly invoice for all entry fees above that. You are welcome to add additional funds at any time. Any balance left in the account at the end of season will simply rollover to the next season, you do not lose this money.


Payment options (only if doing Full Long course season): For all options, the listed registration fee, paid by credit card, will be due at the time of registration. 1 Payment - Amount shown due May 1st. 2 Payments - First payment due May 1st, second payment due by June 1st.

*Note: All families will be required to put a credit card on file at registration. Aside from the registration fees, you are welcome to pay by check. When a payment is due an email will be sent with a check due date. The card on file will automatically be charged for any account balances not paid by check by the date listed in the email.   

If you have an outstanding balance it will be added to your registration, this as well as the optional additional splash, are subject to processing fees. You are welcome to pay that amount by check before you register, please allow 1-2 business days for processing


Important: Prior to beginning your registration you will need two things.

1) You will need to know what group to register your swimmer for. All current swimmers, please refer to the group placement email and register them for that group. For non-current swimmers, please join us for a swimmer evaluation on Wednesday, April 7th at 3:15 pm, or Friday, April 9th at 7:40 pm.

2) You will need access to your team account (you may have an account even if you have never logged into it). Depending on when your child(ren) swam last, you may also need to complete some additional steps to gain access.

There will be only ONE account per FAMILY. If your swimmer or a sibling has EVER swam for the team in the past you HAVE an account! Please do NOT create a new one. If you cannot access your account, please contact Nick Munsell, [email protected]. Failure to do so may result in a duplicate account being created and delay your registration.

You will receive confirmation once your registration has been accepted.

Information will be added to this page as it is finalized. Don't forget to sign up for our 2020 email list so you don't miss anything. Contact Nick Munsell at [email protected]