*Update 6/2/21 - We thought (hoped) last week would be our last testing. We found out yesterday that the state has extended the testing for youth sports and we will need to continue to test. We will be making some changes to the times and location of testing; which I think will actually make it easier. With the school sports ending the district doesn't have a need for large scale testing. Starting this week we will test here at the pool, see email for weekly testing times. 


*Update 5/7/21 - Fully vaccinated student-athletes do not need to test weekly. We WILL need documentation of their vaccination before they can be exempt from testing. NOTE: they need to be a FULL 2 weeks past their second shot to be considered immune and exempt from quarantining and testing. If this applies to your swimmer you can send a copy of their vaccination card to [email protected] and I will note the exemption. For those who are in district I will forward the information to the athletic trainer and district nursing staff who are tracking this information as well. 


Recently, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services issued an order requiring COVID-19 testing once weekly for ALL athletes in the age range of 13-19. The first day of testing for our groups is FRIDAY APRIL 9TH.


Forms (all 3 must be filled our regardless of where you are getting tested):

Safer conduct | Registration | Consent


Details for the implementation of this program at Saline are as follows:

● Individual consent, registration, and conduct forms- these forms must be completed prior to the first test date. Each of these forms is attached to this email and require both student and guardian signatures (for athletes under 18 years of age). When complete and signed you may email them to Nick or bring them to testing or drop them at the pool.

An athlete must participate in the testing program in order to be cleared to practice and compete.

● If the rapid test is negative, that individual may practice and compete, and would continue with the testing protocols in the weeks ahead.

● If the rapid test is positive, that individual is sent home ASAP and must follow up with a PCR COVID-19 test through their medical provider. If the PCR test comes back negative, the individual is allowed to participate with a medical clearance from their medical provider. If the PCR test comes back positive, that individual cannot participate and close contacts of that person would need to quarantine based on local health department guidance.

○ Karan Hervey, District Nurse, will help guide each individual through the process.

● If someone is a close contact of a positive test, that individual cannot participate and is sent home ASAP. Further guidance will be provided by the local health department.

● The tests are minimally invasive and will take approximately 15 minutes to confirm results.

Testing will take place in the auxiliary gym at Saline High School.


If you are unable to attend this testing session you will be responsible for getting a test once every 7 days. You will need to provide the test results on or before Friday each week in order to participate. If you are not testing here at Saline you will still need to fill out the attached forms as we are still required to report the results. You can find testing sites near you at the link below. https://www.solvhealth.com/search?cobrandedSrpLocation=MI

We understand that the time for testing at SHS is not convenient for all our families. We were assigned a time for community ed programs and we are glad to have the resource to get tested. Saline is asynchronous on Fridays so most of the in district families have some flexibility. I do understand that it won't work for everyone especially our out of district families. For those families I hope the information below will be helpful. 
  • If you have the ability to get tested at your home school or through some other activity that is fine. AS LONG as you can get results that you can send me. For saline if they wait the 15 minutes until the test is done they can take a picture of their form and you can send that. They should have a from if you are being tested at another district and you should be able to do the same. 
  • The test doesn't have to be a rapid test or specific to sports. PCR tests are fine as well. There are many testing sites that offer free PCR testing and do not require a reason for testing. I just need the results sent to me every 7 days the first being on or before 4/9. If you are getting a PCR just be sure to leave time to get the results. 
Not to promote any one testing company but I heard that Lynx dx has partnered with some local youth sports organizations to set up a new location near the High School. They are testing Tues, Thurs, and Saturday 3:30-8:30 pm so that might be a good option. The times are adjacent to our practice times and very close to the pool. They do require an account to be set up and you need an appointment window. 
We will continue to explore additional options and update you when more information is available.