We will update this page as more information becomes available. 

2/23/22 - 

Effective Monday Feb 28th Masks will be highly recommended, but optional, in all SAS buildings (see more information below).  Please note that the same quarantine/ isolation rules remain in place. Please continue to reach out to the staff if your swimmer is a close contact or tests positive. Please find our updated SST COVID plan. 
  • Masks are highly recommended, but optional, and a personal choice for all staff, students, guests, and visitors

  • The option holds true within all district buildings and facilities (not on school buses)

  • No one has the right to require, influence, encourage, pressure, harass, or bully anyone to wear -or- not wear a mask. SAS will be educating students and staff of how to respectfully move to a phase where many people will be wearing masks and many people will not be wearing masks.

  • Medically fragile student and staff situations will be differentiated (individualized) in order to best support the care and educational environment of the students and/or staff.

9/7/21Update effective Tuesday 9/7 Washtenaw county has mandated masks for all k-12 schools and programs. This isn't really a change from what we were already doing, just noteworthy. Please read through our full updated SST COVID plan. 



 In general we will continue to follow the SAS COVID policies. Please read through our full updated  SST COVID plan. 
  • Masks -  Since more than one group will be in the pool at a time, there will almost always be younger swimmers who do not yet have the option to get vaccinated. We will be requiring masks while inside, (unless actively swimming). (PLEASE Bring a ziplock bag to keep your mask in during practice)   



Currently (7/30/21) the district/ county is not requiring masks in buildings and capacity limits have been lifted. The CDC/ MDHHS highly recommend that anyone who is unvaccinated wear a mask indoors. As we all know from last year these policies can change quickly. We have every intention of having as close to a “normal” season as possible, we will adapt should the need arise.



Unfortunately the state pause has been extended. We will continue with our zoom land sessions through December 19th. We will reassess when we have more information from the state closer to that date, they indicated the restrictions would be lifted incrementally, so we will need to see those details. 



Due to State pause, the pool will be closed through at least 12/8/20. We will resume practies as soon as we are cleared to do so. 


As you may know space is limited at this time and each group does have a cap. Currently we have space in our Bronze, Silver, Platinum, and Senior groups, the Gold group has a waitlist. Unfortunately, we are not able to run our Mini-Rays program at this time. We are accepting evaluation requests for those who, at a minimum, meet the following criteria. 

  • Can swim at least 50 yards (two lengths of the pool) of Freestyle AND Backstroke without stopping. 
  • Can swim 25 yards of both Butterfly and Breaststroke (close to legal strokes).

If your swimmer meets the requirements and you are interested please fill out the form at the link below and we will be in touch to schedule a time. 



We are so excited to announce that the pool is open! High School Girls had their first practice today. We will start our SST practices at SHS Monday, 9/14. 

Practices will continue to look much different than in years past. As you know in order to maintain proper safety measures and keep our athletes and staff safe we will have very limited capacity, each group will be capped at 24 swimmers. (8 lanes in the main pool, 4 lanes in the well, 2 swimmers per lane starting at opposite ends). Given the number of swimmers we currently have registered we do have space in each group however some only have a few spaces. Once a group is full you are welcome to sign up for the waitlist and we will add swimmers as we are able.
For now we will be running our Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Senior groups. The  September information page and registration has been updated please see details there. Group placements were sent late June, those are still current. 
Everything continues to be fluid and there will still be changes as we adapt to new situations and updated guidance from governing bodies, but this will hopefully bring some much needed stability. 


We are very excited about the new Executive Order (2020-175, 176) with the opening of pools and gyms starting Sept. 9th. We know you have a lot of questions regarding this announcement and how it will look for SST. As a staff we are working on adapting our current plan to comply with the new state and local guidelines. With limited capacity and High School girls starting in the pool as well we will still be utilizing our pool time at TPCC. Please hang tight- we will have more answers for you Tuesday 9/8.

Until then, please enjoy your holiday weekend, and GO SST!  



At this time, you know indoor pools remain closed but even when they do open what does that look like? Where pools are open in the state they have a very, very limited capacity, and strict safety regulations. It will be some time before we are able to have 75+ kids in the pool at a time as we have in the past. How do we cope with this reality? We need to reframe our expectations of what we believe a swim practice is, we need to adapt. Of course there are certain things we can only do in the water, but we don't need to be in the water to maintain our fitness. 
Dryland - For the foreseeable future this will be the core of our programming. We will build and maintain our fitness level and work on swimmer specific training tailored to each group's needs.  It is an integral part of a competitive swimmer’s training program. Our program is highly correlated with the objectives of the swimming program and plays a significant role in the progression of a swimmer to improve motor skills, swimming performance, and reduce injuries. In addition to increasing muscular strength and endurance, cardiorespiratory fitness, participation has the potential to influence many other health- and skill- related physical fitness components. 
Pool time - Currently we have pool time at Travis Pointe Country Club though October 4th. Space is limited and times may vary week to week. Most of the time will be weekday evenings after 7 pm, Saturday and Sunday mornings and a few early morning times before school (Senior/ Platinum). Given the number of currently registered swimmers we have we will be offering pool time to newly registering swimmers only as there are available spaces. Because we don’t want to have any empty spaces we will be sending a sign-up form each week, swimmers will request days and be assigned. We will prioritize those who were registered as of 8/24 first. Then from there we will get everyone into the water as equally as possible.
September Program -  Registration for our  September programming is open now to all those who participate with us from Sept 2019- now. When registering please keep in mind that the core programming will be the Dryland sessions. While we will do our best to get everyone in the pool each week we can't guarantee that for everyone registering in  September. Please see our website for  more details be sure to read though it carefully. 


As you know at this time we would typically be registering swimmers for our Short Course season (fall/ winter season).  We have received several questions over the last couple of weeks about when the pool will open. We realize everyone is anxious to get back in the pool and simply put, we don't know an exact date. It is all based on the COVID case numbers and state phases. When they moved northern Michigan to phase 5 that allowed them to open indoor pools at 25% capacity. They tentatively planned to move the rest of the state to phase 5 by July 4th pending the trends in cases. The trends did not stay on track so we were left in phase 4, meaning indoors pools must remain closed. 

The most recently published MHSAA guidelines state that High school girls swimming can start practices on 8/12 and competition on 8/19. However, at this time, that is also contingent on the pools being able to open. Michigan swimming (our LSC for USA swimming) has started an initiative to try to get an exemption to open indoor pools for "purposeful use", team practices with strict safety guidelines.  We will be sure to keep everyone up to date on this initiative. 

Please note at this time we don't have an indication of when they will allow pools to open. Regardless of what these initiatives may achieve on the state level we also MUST get clearance from the local health department before opening. Have hope, but don't get too excited if you see a headline about pools opening on a state level. It will still need to be cleared locally. We will continue to monitor everything around pools opening. 

In the meantime we will continue to offer programming similar to what we have been doing since July. We are also continuing to explore opportunities for more outdoor swimming as long as the weather allows.  We will be operating month to month until further notice. We plan to put out information for September in mid August.  

We want very much to get the swimmers back in the pool, as soon as we are able to do so safely, we will.